Over 25 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma, and of those, 16 million are between the ages of 18-64. Due to the longevity of asthma, it is ranked as one of the top five most expensive diseases, costing the US over $63 billion annually according to WebMD.

People spend most of their time monitoring the household appliances to cater to their needs. Imagine yourself controlling the operation of home appliances without manually switching the buttons. For instance once you enter your bedroom, you realise that the air conditioner of your dining hall is left ON.

With busier airports and higher fuel prices the demand for more efficient aircraft and airport operations is necessary for the future of the aeronautic industry.

The wing of an aircraft generates lift by creating a pressure differential between the upper and lower surfaces,

Existing devices for hashing, crushing, separation, acceleration of heat transfer and other technological processes of vortical, vibrating, planetary centrifugal and other types have a number of serious disadvantages.

We propose the new damper concept VZN –Variable Zeta after Necessities, Zeta being the relative damping changing stepwise according piston position, correlated thus with the vehicle load state and the road unevenness amplitude.

To improve the exoskeleton project

Abstract. This invention aims to help people who became paralytic after spinal cord injury to walk again using their arms (thanks to a robotic set attained to arms and legs).

Today’s army relies on the water that it carries or acquires from the sources available within the areas of its operation. Water is both heavy and heavily used.

Electricity generated in our waters and electric vehicles are the only way to American recovery. Energy  independence and economic growth while keeping the air and water clean and global warming at a minimum.

Water is the most abundant resource on our planet.

System uses a dry-wet sensing differential amplifier.

Amplifier already used as an optical differential amplifier:

Patented - Albert L. Schmidt - Inventor

A majority of showerheads Sold & Used today Dispense 2.5 Gallons of Water Per/Minute.

A 10-Minute Shower = 25 Gallons of Freshly Treated, Filtered, Purified,

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