It is quite inefficient to have a whole train and all i's passengers stop at every station, even though only a small fraction of passengers enter and leave on each station. Also,

IC engines consume most of our oil. Majority is used for moving people-passenger cars the worst. To reduce the oil produced the entire system needs to be optimized. A car, for example,

Health benefit background:

Accupressure therapy involves pressing points on the body with fingers, hands or balls as in this case illustrated below, to alter the internal flow of a supposed vital force of energy called chi, strengthening it, calming it or removing a blockage of flow.

PROBLEM: Unless you are using an electric skillet, controlling and maintaining constant temperature of cookware on a conventional stove can be very difficult at best, requiring constant attention, especially when frying in oil as the heat load changes constantly. Also, low-temperature cooking (e.g., eggs, candies, sauces, etc.),

The goal of my design is to explore the use of the latest technologies in both clean energy and advanced materials to create a future concept which can effectively demonstrate the use of said technologies.

Time Dilation Machine: Includes a rotating colder than absolute zero superconductor rotated by an array of nuclear gamma pico-lasers. Powered by either an anti-matter battery or fusion or fission power. The rotation of the superconductor is stabilized by electro-static bearings on each side.

Contactless measurements are very important in many points of life, especially in urban infrastructure, industries and transportation. Some of them are using solutions based on Electrical Capacitance Tomography. The main idea of this type of measurements is strictly connected with additional electrodes placed around a tested object.

Home design that provides a minimal obstruction to the high winds of a tornado. Picture shows the basic concept and should be noted that hundreds of different designs are possible.

Classically trained engineers have been left with the impression it is impossible to control 100% of the torque generated by a single lift rotor, using only the downdraft, within the same diameter as the lift rotor,

Many people and businesses talk about energy conservation and make attempts at conserving electricity, by turning off lights and equipment when not in use. However, many people do not actually know how much energy is used throughout their home or office.

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