Patented - Albert L. Schmidt - Inventor

A majority of showerheads Sold & Used today Dispense 2.5 Gallons of Water Per/Minute.

A 10-Minute Shower = 25 Gallons of Freshly Treated, Filtered, Purified,

A shower that saves resources without restrictions

People want to conserve resources but without feeling that too much sacrifice is required. All water-saving showers restrict the flow and reduce the quality of the experience.

My ear plugs are the only dry plugs that are designed to be used underwater and are for all water activities.

Current dry earplugs for water activities (swimming etc.) create a .

As people are paying more and more attention on green and renewable energy sources for the purpose of transportation and mobility, I design this concept vessel using wave energy which is collected by a set of unique "antennae."

The vessel is designed to be unmanned,

I made a discovery in the mechanics and surfaces of connections that will make threaded parts stronger, more durable and safer. While the details are in the “Basic Principals of the Wave Thread” article at www.wavethread.com, the basic concept of the wave thread is a collection of circles.

Consumer -- Engine of product innovations for wellness applications that help reduce stress and increase personal performance, monitor fitness heart rate, remind the person to take medications, monitor activity as pedometer with calories count, trend blood pressure changes, alert for abnormal episodes of ill-health or falls,

MouthSpace is an input device for mobile and assistive computing. It replaces the Mouse and the Keyboard when convenience, mobility or security constraints prevent their use.

Other input methods cannot match the Keyboard-and-Mouse combination for accuracy, speed or potential for productivity,

This design idea utilizes inexpensive webcams to add touch input and smart board features to ANY monitor.

The webcams are pointed at the screen from the left and right sides at a distance of about one foot.

In order to survive in the coming years, mankind will have to change its behavior regarding the use of water challenging the scarcity of resources. This new generation device in water conservation that is mimicking the iconic LED in lighting.

Capitalizing on new items recently patented or submitted: It is now possible to create a Plug-in/Solar Electric vehicle that performs equal with the gasoline sport cars by employing highly efficient individual wheel motors, the brand-new therm-o-electronic battery, a battery that charges up like a water heater,

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