The design of the Cars Plate Conveyor (Figure 1) has:

1. Social impact
2. Economic impact
3. Ecological impact
4. Innovation

The conveyor is intended in places with a lot of traffic cars inside and outside the cities (Figure 2) thereof to minimize:

1. The transfer time from point A to point B.
2. The fuel consumption.
3. The emission of pollutants.
4. Stress of drivers

All this will achieve once every car get the conveyor and the drivers should shut off the engine and the conveyors will take care of displacement. (Figure 3)

The conveyors will shut off and the cars circulate on them when there will be a little traffic.

The ...


Education, both general and explicit, is generally accepted as the essential ingredient of social and economic success of nations and institutions. This happens, not by chance, but by unrelenting effort by educators and those who support this proposition of the future.

The concept of the Mobile Learning Module is formed to provide another possibility in the creative management of time and functions in the educational environment. In addition to the utilization of M.L.M. in the school district’s transportation strategies for student movement, the modules also provide usable instruction space at the individual school sites. This is achieved by specially designed connecting pods where the modules are attached to the ...

Cars have always played a major part in our dreams. Unfortunately, as traffic became gridlocked, driving a car in urban areas became a nightmare. What’s more, cars and oil have practically bankrupted us to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars and have brought upon us wars and global warming. Now car companies are starting to offer expensive battery powered cars.

It is obvious that standard size “battery-cars,” whether hybrids or pure electrics, do not ease the gridlock and do too little to avert global warming since electrical energy is primarily derived from fossil fuels.

The Car part of the system can be a battery-car (which, as a part ...

The patented "Ogunmuyiwa Engine Cycle" for such engines with their cylinder axes arranged substantially tangentially to a circle centred on main shaft axis, takes advantage of this geometry to carry out the combustion during the compression stroke of the cycle without damaging the engine. This provides a combustion cycle independent of the current inhibitive combustion timing constraints to deliver a more complete combustion, enabling higher power densities, higher thermal efficiencies and lower raw HC & CO emissions to be achieved.

When applied to the “Ogunmuyiwa Planetary Gears Reciprocating Piston Engine” (Ref. WIPO Publication: WO9502114, Claims: 5-7, 9, 11-21) it enables such engines to achieve an indicated thermal efficiency up to 84%. The projected brake thermal efficiency is 60%. This ...

Overhead racks are a common sight on pickup trucks. They provide more cargo carrying capacity without impacting box space, allow safe transport of long or other oversized items such as boats and ladders, and provide a custom look.

But as with any roof rack, they have one major limitation: the load has to somehow get both onto and off of the rack. This requires a physically capable individual to carefully lift the load onto the rack, avoiding injury or damage to the truck. In many cases, loading such racks becomes a two-person task.

What if the rack came down towards the load, rather than the load up towards the rack? That’s why we designed and developed the OVERHAULER: the hydraulic truck ...


Environmentally friendly palm petrol disclose the process of producing the high pour point palm energy, but not exclusively via estification of mixed fatty acids or fractional distillation of methyl of palm kernel oil. Palm petrol bio fuel causes less air pollution, does not dry off quickly fractionally combustion higher than petroleum derived petrol which make the engine performs better, it is cost effective and lasts longer.

Production cost of the fuel is minimal, since it does not involve the highly costly equipments. The bio fuel works successfully in all engines designed to use petrol fuel. The flash point is --43C.
We all assumed that the petroleum would soon dried ...

The fundamental assumption is to put the G1 satellite navigation module which could display the information about the current speed limit, whether the lights should be on and in which hours etc., on a given area of the country identified by satellite (position – latitude and longitude).

What is more, the module must include wifi connectors, bluetooth and Ethernet in order to update the traffic rules.

The G1 module should also communicate with the car computer (ECU) in order to insert speed limits and control the low beam according to the traffic rules on a given ...

In the U.S. over 33,000 people die annually in automobile accidents and 40% are rear end collisions. That’s 2.5 million rear end collisions!

The SPEEDLIGHT is a patented taillight system for the automotive industry that informs drivers whether the vehicles in front of them are accelerating, decelerating, in a panic stop, riding the brake, riding the turn indicator or involved in an accident. It also exhibits the speed of the vehicles to within 5mph and differentiates between parked, stopped and standing.

There is nothing else like the SPEEDLIGHT. It’s simple, unique, revolutionary design fills a void in automotive safety and taillight design that has been over looked for 100 years!

It will ...

DUALITY was born with a great ambition: Becoming the first car in the world that fully meets requirements of an off-road and race car.

But how to harmonize these extremes? The vehicle has four sets composed for: Two tires (one off road and the other for high speeds), two hexagonal polymers (for high impact absorption), two wheels and six power cells. In addition, an articulated suspension allows the vehicle to switch between the modules off-road and high speed.

The advantages to having the motor inside the tire is to increase the internal space of the cabin and to lower the center of gravity ensuring greater stability to the vehicle.

To provide safety for people around the car when the ...

Electrified passenger rail is quiet, quick, and clean; BUT the average cost for conversion to electrified rail is over $15 million dollars per route mile for infrastructure and new equipment; and these electric trains are limited in range to the limited electrified track sections.

It is possible to introduce electrification and the corresponding improvements in performance and efficiency to an existing diesel electric regional route incrementally while retaining the versatility and reliability of the conventional diesel electric locomotives? Enter the Zero Emissions Boost Locomotive, ZEBL, a new type of battery locomotive that is simply added into the existing train consist. The ZEBL is not a replacement, it is an enhancement attached behind an existing locomotive and connected with a ...

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