Overtaking is one of the common actions that the driver performs while travelling on the road. Without enough information about the road, overtaking is dangerous and causes many accidents. Although overtaking is important, little research was done in this area. Especially,

An automotive Virtual Side View Mirror (VSVM), which uses a closed-circuit video system to generate images of the sides of a vehicle and present the images to the driver in a manner to improve traffic “situational awareness.” Benefits include: improved safety, reduced noise/vibration, reduced fuel consumption,

Amongst the reasons underlying trains’ disasters, two are especially striking: (A) derailment, (B) trains’ crashes either due to derailed carriages, frontal shock or, paradoxically, to ‘backwards’ shocks.
Possible causes for derailment (excess of velocity, some objects on the rails, etc.) are here discarded. Rather,

Hybrid gas-electric vehicles require the addition of electric motors to provide power to the wheels when the vehicles are moved on battery electric energy.

Electric motors for hybrid vehicles are becoming very small and efficient, Nevertheless,

The main idea of this project is use of wind turbines in the airplane design in order to reduce consumption of usual fuel types greatly.

Forward bicycle pedaling only transfers the torque to the wheel. Reverse pedaling doesn’t transfer the torque to the wheel, due to free wheel. So forward pedaling only requires pedal effort and it will vary depends upon load and vehicle type (bicycle, tricycle & handicapped cycle).

The World Rotary Engine concept is based on the rotary engine and enhances the advantages of the rotary engine, such as compact size, simple construction, vibration-free running, ability to run on several fuels and a high power to weight ratio, and modular construction.

We are developing an adaptable human-electric trike that fits into our vision of cities of the near-future. Yax is an efficient vehicle for getting through urban traffic and carrying loads beyond a bicycle's capability. It also goes in spaces where trucks and vans can't go.

Today’s increasing infrastructural facilities demand for multi storied parking spaces requiring efficient elevator systems. Unlike the modern day elevators which need external energy for operation, we conceptualized an elevator which uses no energy at all.

The invention is a device to transport people.

Piezoelectric technology is still young and its potential uses are infinite. My invention provides the simultaneous harvesting and using of energy.

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