Overtaking is one of the common actions that the driver performs while travelling on the road. Without enough information about the road, overtaking is dangerous and causes many accidents. Although overtaking is important, little research was done in this area. Especially, there is no research focus on helping the driver to judge whether it’s safe enough or not to do overtaking. The purpose of this project is to provide overtaking assistant service to help the driver to do the overtaking safely. From the proposed Overtaking Decision Assistant , the driver can easily determine whether the overtaking is safe or not.

Safety and comfort are two important aspects that must be achieved at the time of driving. The ...

An automotive Virtual Side View Mirror (VSVM), which uses a closed-circuit video system to generate images of the sides of a vehicle and present the images to the driver in a manner to improve traffic “situational awareness.” Benefits include: improved safety, reduced noise/vibration, reduced fuel consumption, and increased styling freedom.

The automotive side view mirror is a safety device and legally required. Current technology uses mirrors positioned in housings outside of the vehicle, close to the A-pillar. This design philosophy presents the following deficiencies:
• Blind Spots – Limited lateral visibility; a safety concern.
• Poor Night Vision – Poor visibility under limited lighting conditions; a safety concern.
• Noise/Vibration – Unsteady aerodynamic fluctuations generate unsteady forces, leading ...

Amongst the reasons underlying trains’ disasters, two are especially striking: (A) derailment, (B) trains’ crashes either due to derailed carriages, frontal shock or, paradoxically, to ‘backwards’ shocks.
Possible causes for derailment (excess of velocity, some objects on the rails, etc.) are here discarded. Rather, attention is paid to situations in which a driver is confronted either with eventual frontal shocks or (after a curve) with an unexpected stopped train.

Both of these extreme situations could be solved if both drivers have an anticipated – or ‘virtual’ - image of the position of the other train - not only sufficiently far away to allow both the activation of an alarm ...

Hybrid gas-electric vehicles require the addition of electric motors to provide power to the wheels when the vehicles are moved on battery electric energy.

Electric motors for hybrid vehicles are becoming very small and efficient, Nevertheless, these motors add additional weight to the vehicle with the subsequent additional energy required to move a bigger mass.

Proposed Idea uses the wheels as electric motor rotor. Multiple tiny neodymium magnets are added to the lateral faces of the vehicle tires. And small static electromagnets are used to convert electricity into torque.

Main advantages:

1.- No electrical motor structure required, weight added is only multiple tiny magnets and small electromagnets.

2,. No additional friction looses on gears or bearings because torque is ...

The main idea of this project is use of wind turbines in the airplane design in order to reduce consumption of usual fuel types greatly.

As an example of airplane model I used Beechcraft Baroon 58. The Beechcraft Baron is a light-medium twin-engine piston aircraft originally developed by Beech Aircraft Corporation and currently manufactured by the Beechcraft Division of Raytheon Aircraft.

I’ve changed its twin 260 horsepower engine into one 520 in the middle of fuse. It’s only one active unit which will make the plane move.

Passive wind turbines are located on the left and right wings of the Beechcraft. They have the same type of action as usual wind turbine on ...

Forward bicycle pedaling only transfers the torque to the wheel. Reverse pedaling doesn’t transfer the torque to the wheel, due to free wheel. So forward pedaling only requires pedal effort and it will vary depends upon load and vehicle type (bicycle, tricycle & handicapped cycle). For reverse pedaling no pedal effort is required and it will be the same for all the above.

In my proposal, reverse movement of the pedal, used to wind the clock/spiral spring (some pedal effort is required) to store the energy and release the energy for forward movement. For example, to move the cycle, usually your regular pedal effort (say 60 Newton force) is only used, but in the proposed cycle to move your ...

The World Rotary Engine concept is based on the rotary engine and enhances the advantages of the rotary engine, such as compact size, simple construction, vibration-free running, ability to run on several fuels and a high power to weight ratio, and modular construction.

Developments in materials over the last decades increase reliability and our design of a pre-chamber ignition in which an extremely lean fuel mixture is ignited allows this engine to be extremely fuel-efficient and clean.

The unique feature of this engine is the combination of a patented cooling system as well as an external combustion chamber in which a very lean mixture of clean fuels like hydrogen, CNG, LNG, GTL, biogas or bio-ethanol can be ignited, as well as ...

We are developing an adaptable human-electric trike that fits into our vision of cities of the near-future. Yax is an efficient vehicle for getting through urban traffic and carrying loads beyond a bicycle's capability. It also goes in spaces where trucks and vans can't go.

Key Features and Benefits:
- Wide-open deck platform with 600lb cargo load capacity. Maximum volume while still fitting within a bike lane.
- Raised rider position improves mutual visibility
- Pedelec throttle control that senses the rider's pedal effort to provide electric assist
- Integrated brake, turn lights, and horns for safety
- Tadpole trike configuration with two front hub motors for stability and traction
- Goes in reverse which allows it to ...

Today’s increasing infrastructural facilities demand for multi storied parking spaces requiring efficient elevator systems. Unlike the modern day elevators which need external energy for operation, we conceptualized an elevator which uses no energy at all.
As a part of the design Scissor lift design is used because of its ergonomics as compared to other heavy lifting devices available in the market. The frame is very sturdy & strong enough with increase in structural integrity. A multiple height scissor lift is made up of two or more leg sets. These types of lifts are used to achieve high travel with relatively short platform Here the concept of liquid pressure has been used to our advantage to provide necessary force to ...

The invention is a device to transport people.

Piezoelectric technology is still young and its potential uses are infinite. My invention provides the simultaneous harvesting and using of energy.

Following the concept used by the millipedes and starfish the system is designed to use many legs to distribute weight and propel the body forward and, at the same time, generate electricity for immediate reuse.

We have seen how floors are used to capture the energy generated by the footfalls of pedestrians, ZILLIPEDE uses hundreds of small piezoelectric devices on the soles of specially designed shoes to lift the person and move them forward (or backward) as they desire. As one set of piezoelectric devices lift, the ...

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