HyperLoop RailCar Concept using DeHavilland 30 Passenger Dash 8 Fuselages

The use of DeHavilland's Dash 8 Fuselages as the passenger carrying HyperLoop pods provides a highly reliable structural system known for its robustness, longevity and availability.

Costs, therefore, to achieve an economical intent for the Project are significantly reduced on all fronts ...engineering, design, prototyping, planning, fabrication, testing etc etc

The Fan/Propeller is situated to the rear of the pod partly for convenience but mostly to provide some control over the boundary layer flowing over and around the pod. (It is considered here that total evacuation of the tube/pipe will not be possible so some air resistance will prevail which is better controlled via boundary layer means)

The use of the Dash 8 ...

What is this technology?
The proposed technology provides an “Improved Homogeneous Charge Spark Ignition” that can be fast, easily and economically applied to current vehicles fleet, without manufacture cost increases to new internal combustion engines, diesel and gasoline engines.

This technology can provide solutions to tackle the Global Warming; CO2 Greenhouse Gas “GHG” emissions and Atmospheric Pollution NOx, O3 (Ozone) PM & VOC coming out of all current Internal Combustion Engines, diesel and gasoline.

This technology can decrease by more than 50% the current CO2 emissions, 95% the NOx and PM harmful emissions of current light and heavy transportation fleet so, providing a fast relief and breakthrough to current and dangerous atmospheric pollution of the cities and, the global ...

Introduction :- Whenever we go to the fuel filling station we always feel cheated for e.g. filling of 5L fuel doesn’t show significance movement on fuel meter. We know these retail gas pumps are constantly inspected regularly by the government in the interest of consumer protection.

Many people have worked on this idea with mounting the fuel tank on load cells, but the cells must be protected from mud issues. Other was use of capacitive sensing used to measure  the fuel level in the tank.

Idea is to calculate fuel entering through the nozzle, fuel flow rate is specific to country. Measuring through nozzle – Volume of fuel flowed through the fuel tank nozzle can ...

The world is made mobile by the use of the much loved IC engine. While it is very versatile, it is very inefficient in the use of heat supplied by the fuel. Only 30% of the heat generated by the combustion of the fuel is converted to mechanical power with 30% lost in the exhaust gases and 30% lost in the radiator. The major players go after the low hanging fruit and the use of turbochargers which in my opinion exacerbates the problem because higher octane fuel and a lowering of the compression ratio are used to prevent knocking because of higher compression pressures, thereby further lowering the thermal efficiency. It is erroneously believed that it is the heat ...

2015 was an uneasy year for automakers because of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emission scandal in tests. Up to 40-times higher NOx emission was reported in some diesel engine cars. NOx gases are very hazardous to the environment and because of this they must be constrained by special norms like Euro 6 and preceding.

All internal combustion engine vehicles have catalytic converters. Those structures basically convert NOx and other hazardous gases into less hazardous gases, such like Nitrogen (N2) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Some structures could also trap CO2 and lower overall hazardous emission. In fact, those converters are composed of ceramics and platinum as a catalyst, which are fairly costly. At the same time, platinum does not work efficiently at ...

I would like to thank for the opportunity given to me. My area is automotive/transportation in order to increase the performance and fuel economy. The main object of this project is to reduce the TURBO LAG which is created in a turbocharger and also to make it compact in size. The turbocharger was made by PLA replicator as a working prototype to increase the speed thereby it compresses the air which will be as output.

The design of the turbocharger was made by Creo Parametric software and manufactured by additive manufacturing. Then the parts are assembled and worked under fluid (Air) is taking as input under 6 bar. Normally the turbine rotates at 2,50,000 rpm. The air is ...


To control the speed of vehicles at restricted areas in cities (viz. school zone, hospital zone) with certain speed limits posted on the roads.
- Here we are using an RFID card reader in identifying the speed limit mentioned on the road, which is interfacing with the controller.
- RFID has a key role in our project.

In this project we use two circuits. One is a transmitter and the second is a receiver circuit. In both circuits we use an 89s52 controller. In the receiver circuit we use 89s52 with ADC and LCD display. LCD display the set value of speed and speed of accelerometer. In the receiver circuit we use Ht12D as a decoder ...

The next step for a more “intelligent” traffic control system is to make the traffic light communicate with the cars. Now it sends a message to the drivers through color light, it signals to the driver, 3 options in a standard accepted format: green, yellow and red. But, what if it can give more information to the cars, via radio, and in both directions.

The traffic light is more than 100 years old. What if the traffic light can have feedback regarding how many cars are approaching, in which directions, where they are headed, at what speed? This will help driverless vehicles.

When a big truck is blocking visibility, is it convenient to change lane? How to make a ...

Interactive Vehicle Security is a new
Invention that uses multiple sensors already available and a few that are non automotive based and combines their uses to gather information about you vehicles well being or the state of vehicle/ customer security.

Some of the sensors used are:
1. Wheel/Tire sensors
2. Side & rear view camera sensors
3. Exterior explosive sensors (NEW) See Example #5
4. Interior Sync audible control sensors
5. Seat sensors
6. Interior and exterior
temperature sensors
7. Autonomous Vehicle sensors
8. Wearable Sensors

Interactive Vehicle Security technology will allow our consumers a higher level of security and comfort, here are some of the increased security functions:
1. Reducing Tire and wheel theft by using ...

I.C. Engine with oscillating shaft is an innovative new internal combustion engine technology claiming high performance, typically minimizing internal resistance. It claims higher efficiency, higher power, lighter weight, least starting effort, fuel saving in idle running, and miniature starting power source. These conditions lead to most essential requirements of an ideal internal combustion engine and special demands that cannot meet with a conventional power generator. This engine is focused on solving the real problem of fuel saving.

This new internal combustion engine generates 1.55 times higher power. The same static pressure arrangement is applicable for a variety of liquid and gaseous fuel. This engine is ideal to install as the power generator for the hybrid vehicles.

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