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Multi-Mode Hybrid Subsonic/Supersonic/Pulse Detonation Combustion Engine System:

This engine functions as an Expansion-Cycle Turbojet for takeoffs and landings (for noise reasons). Then transitions through Pulse-Detonation Turbojet, Pulse-Detonation Ramjet, Supersonic-Combustion Ramjet, and Pulse-Detonation Rocket as it accelerates into earth orbit.

1) Propellants :
a) Fuel : JP-7
b) Oxidizer :
i) Atmospheric Operation : Air
ii) Exo-Atmospheric Operation : LOX
2) Uses Shared Intake system (similar to Lockheed-Martin SR-72).
a) Used to feed the axial compressor during Phase-1 (Expansion-Cycle Subsonic-Combustion Turbojet) & 2 (Expansion-Cycle Pulse-Detonation Turbojet) modes.
b) Diverts air into the compressor, and an openings are provided to divert air into the combustion chambers.
3) Uses expansion cycle turbo-machinery driven by regenerative cooling of combustion chambers ...

The VincS theorem states that the primorial (see note) of any natural number n (≥ 2) contains inside itself the information to determine if the natural number immediately greater x (= n +1) is a prime number or not. The theorem was born by reading about the Wilson's primality test and by the inner faith that there should be a way to achieve the same result without using the huge factorial necessary to perform the test.

Cornerstone of the work is the Euclid's theorem on the gcd of which we will provide an original demonstration applied to the primorial.

The VincS primality test (derived from the theorem) can shrink, inside the primorial, the number to carry on for testing. ...


Electromechanical actuators are small and light devices that play important roles in aircraft control systems converting electrical energy into mechanical movement and can achieve high dynamic forces. Some applications correspond to landing gears, wheel brakes, spoilers, doors, and flaps. They are indispensable in aircraft operations are compact and light weight.

Commercial and defense aircraft manufacturers
Space agencies
Actuation system manufacturers
System engineering consultants
Robotics and Automotive industries - General manufacturing

Reported increase in traveller population
The race for more electric airplanes(MEA)
Regulatory environmental pressure for more efficient fuel efficient aircrafts
Market segmentation and higher competition


Actuation system suppliers struggle meeting expected deadlines, resulting in reported backlogs in aircraft deliveries.

During experience developing aircraft ...

Despite its appearance as a barren, hard vacuum, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) has a very precious resource: Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere does not end at the official boundary of space (100 km) but grows increasingly rarified to an altitude well beyond that occupied by the International Space Station. At 180 km, there is a thin mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and rarer elements. As liquid oxygen (LOX) and nitrogen tetroxide (N2O4), these elements constitute the majority of any deep-space mission’s initial propellant mass.

With a frontal area of 100 m2, a spacecraft orbiting at 180 km collides with 13,500 kg of oxygen and nitrogen every year. In current spacecraft, those gas molecules bounce off, robbing the spacecraft of momentum and ...

The Rapid Cooling Station (RCS) and Integrated Cooling Ensemble (ICE) together provide a comprehensive, cheap, and easy-to-implement solution to one of the largest issues facing soldiers, firefighters, and other suited responders in the field today: heat management. Based on the requirements of protective equipment, significant heat builds within a subject’s suit even under moderate conditions and effort. In order to remove this layer of hot air and keep the subject cool, two methods are proposed.

The first, called RCS, is the “stationary” solution. In this scenario, a compressed air source accompanies the operator on scene. When the operator seeks heat relief, he or she will move to the location of the compressed air source and connect a hose from ...

Identification and Significance of the Innovation
Anomalous propulsion effects where there should be none were observed as alternate thrusts in tests of a self-contained so-called RAMA device, developed at Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico (Argentina). This device, involving ring shaped high-K ceramic capacitors with wrapped around toroid coils, generates crossed time harmonic electromagnetic (EM) fields in phase quadrature. It is proposed to rectify those harmonic thrusts by superposing them with rotational motion of the device at exactly the same angular frequency, so that should they be due to hidden mechanical and/or electromagnetic inner momenta, the time-averaged effect would necessarily vanish.

If unidirectional thrusts were detected, a highly innovative propulsion system getting rid of propellants and/or beamed/collected mass/energy from external sources, would ...

The Smart Inter-Connecting Clamp (ICC) is a disruptive technology since it is made to retrofit the standard clamp for aircraft electrical wiring that exists today. The unique functions of the Smart ICC are to provide an integrated technology in the areas of detection, diagnostics, and prognostics of electrical wiring. To detect aging effects on wiring through the novelty of sensing technology provided by the Smart ICC (these include different types of failures and wiring faults). Another function is to provide data regarding failure characterization and diagnostics through interconnecting technologies in order to identify wiring system failure mechanisms and degradation processes, to check robust insulators and conductors for contamination, degradation over time, metal shavings from repairs, exposure to fluids, Ph ...

Could an updated airplane design from the 30's and 40's be more efficient than the BWB? According to a new study from the University of Toronto, the answer is yes. U of Toronto Lifting Fuselage Study:


The lifting fuselage configuration, made famous by Texas-born Vincent Burnelli in the pioneering days of aviation, could now be a viable option to the tube and wing. With the advent of the newest composites, this ultra-wide airfoil body could change the face of aviation for a long time to come. With the proper design, it would outperform the BWB by a significant margin.

It's been 70 years since NACA showed the unique qualities of the lifting fuselage in a pre-WWII ...

1. The purpose of this innovation. There are many challenges space explorations face, one of them is overcoming gravity. Launching a rocket into orbit to a certain velocity can get highly expensive. Making a rocket engine more efficient using less fuel to reach higher velocity can reduce the weight and materials of the rocket that will end up reducing the cost. The Ring Nozzle design is an alternative idea that would replace nozzles that are continuous in shape.

2 Competitive advantage and how it works. The purpose of the rings is to allow outside air to enter one way through the nozzle. The rocket’s hot exhaust gas flows tangential from ring to ring, as this happen outside air is ...

The refurbishment of rotable components is important for aerospace companies, for which system availability is a critical factor, and for which rotables guarantee a high level of system availability. The refurbishment of usually high value faulty rotables is of considerable economic importance for companies, and is often a core process in plant maintenance. It is often much more cost-effective than a brand new purchase.

In aircraft or other technical objects such as engines, high value components are often used (such as landing gear) which, in a Remove-Install-Rework scenario, are replaced in cases of damage by a serviceable rotable and then refurbished at a later point in time using a separate order. In addition to the functions for Plant Maintenance, ...

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