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Multi-Mode Hybrid Subsonic/Supersonic/Pulse Detonation Combustion Engine System:

This engine functions as an Expansion-Cycle Turbojet for takeoffs and landings (for noise reasons). Then transitions through Pulse-Detonation Turbojet, Pulse-Detonation Ramjet, Supersonic-Combustion Ramjet, and Pulse-Detonation Rocket as it accelerates into earth orbit.

The VincS theorem states that the primorial (see note) of any natural number n (≥ 2) contains inside itself the information to determine if the natural number immediately greater x (= n +1) is a prime number or not.


Electromechanical actuators are small and light devices that play important roles in aircraft control systems converting electrical energy into mechanical movement and can achieve high dynamic forces. Some applications correspond to landing gears, wheel brakes, spoilers, doors, and flaps.

Despite its appearance as a barren, hard vacuum, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) has a very precious resource: Earth’s atmosphere. The atmosphere does not end at the official boundary of space (100 km) but grows increasingly rarified to an altitude well beyond that occupied by the International Space Station.

The Rapid Cooling Station (RCS) and Integrated Cooling Ensemble (ICE) together provide a comprehensive, cheap, and easy-to-implement solution to one of the largest issues facing soldiers, firefighters, and other suited responders in the field today: heat management. Based on the requirements of protective equipment,

Identification and Significance of the Innovation
Anomalous propulsion effects where there should be none were observed as alternate thrusts in tests of a self-contained so-called RAMA device, developed at Instituto Universitario Aeronáutico (Argentina). This device, involving ring shaped high-K ceramic capacitors with wrapped around toroid coils,

The Smart Inter-Connecting Clamp (ICC) is a disruptive technology since it is made to retrofit the standard clamp for aircraft electrical wiring that exists today. The unique functions of the Smart ICC are to provide an integrated technology in the areas of detection, diagnostics,

Could an updated airplane design from the 30's and 40's be more efficient than the BWB? According to a new study from the University of Toronto, the answer is yes. U of Toronto Lifting Fuselage Study:


1. The purpose of this innovation. There are many challenges space explorations face, one of them is overcoming gravity. Launching a rocket into orbit to a certain velocity can get highly expensive.

The refurbishment of rotable components is important for aerospace companies, for which system availability is a critical factor, and for which rotables guarantee a high level of system availability. The refurbishment of usually high value faulty rotables is of considerable economic importance for companies,

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