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I am presenting a design of a very unique ROVER which is based on inchworm motion. It will move like an INCHWORM using its telescopic arm and suction system. The rover will get energy from solar cells.

There are two parts to this rover,

Octahedrals (8 sided shapes) and tetrahedrals (4 sided shapes) when they come together can form complete solids. Magnetic manipulation of the tetrahedrals so they are pushed and pulled, creates an exciting world of one way valves, pump actions and other features to create thrust in any direction.

Reduction of drag and boosting of lift to drag ratio is of paramount importance to maximize flight efficiency. In order to reduce turbulence and thereby reduce drag and increase lift to drag ratio, I have successfully developed a new concept after spending several years to research.

My Light-Interface concept simply takes the same shape as the space that an object is resting in, but in a concentrated form while being modified light field " fly-eye" optically connected to the outer surface of the object with opto-electronic,

Current steel can ammunition containers provide almost no thermal insulation in case of fire, acting as baking tins, resulting in the ammunition cooking off, which can end up with numerous casualties and an aborted mission.


This entry is for developing a persistent near space solid lighter than air reconnaissance and communications platform that would in many instances take the place of a satellite, be considerably more maneuverable, cheaper to make and operate, and produce better quality images while lingering in trouble spots indefinitely.

Skydiving is a transiting from sky to Earth, may involve free-falling when the parachute has not yet been deployed. Skydiving is limited in altitude. Oxygen mask above 50,000 feet does not provide protection for body from low pressure. Only full pressure suit provides protection at high altitude.

Until now customers go to an airport to take an international flight by an airplane service company and when they want to be medically tested go to a medical service provider. Sometimes passengers take flights with the purpose of being treated by a medical test provider at the destination.

This proposal relates generally to radiolocation sphere, and particularly to monopulse direction finding systems. It can be used to increase guidance accuracy, for example, of unmanned aerial vehicles to targets such as: aerial (sea and/or ground-based) vehicles reflecting the radio signal that illuminates them;

A tether having a fully modular design and employing modular components can be transported piecemeal into space and assembled in situ. The modular components are interchangeable with one another. In a preferred embodiment,

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