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We are designing an eVTOL system which can act as a Personal Flying Ship or as an Air Taxi in the Busiest Cities in the World.

Currently, there is a lack of unmanned aerial vehicles that are being used with the purpose of extinguishing fires. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board.

This project is aimed on design of mechanically efficient wing drive train, which allows power extraction from air flows around an apparatus.

The design of practical flapping wing apparatuses is a long time human dream.

Attempted designs, so far, are aimed mostly on improving the aerodynamics of ornithopters and entomopters.

Based on the Invention Patent No.

Design Statement:
Vehicle can run on the road, hover and fly in the air.

Design has following parts:
Seating, Payload, Extended Portion and Impeller cabins or compartments, fold-able wings that mounted at the sides of vehicles body (in option).
Rotary seats and payload capsules.

The world is striving towards making things a lot better and efficient. Similarly, this project also aims towards the same. This is an aerial vehicle, where the major aim is to make the surveillance purpose better.

Invention is novel, because it directs air under the aircraft through tubes within concentric tubes, which can be unrolled providing a FLAT stack of aircraft to ship on ground or air in compact lightweight shipping units.

The (Hover Xplorer-1) VTOL Design Has Been Upgraded By Utilizing A New Form Of "Centrifugal Inertial Propulsion System" Which Will Eliminate All Flight Mode Wind Turbulence Including Air Dust And Water Turbulence During Take Off & Landing.

An IFR training aid that allows a student pilot to safely fly in simulated IFR conditions




To provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots


This instrument flying training aid is composed of

This entry focuses upon the process of rotor balance. The term rotor refers to the type found in jet engines. During the engine assembly process, rotors must be balanced to a very high level of precision. Rotors are typically balanced by using a device called a balance machine.

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