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Through synergies in infrared sensing and drone platforms, we have found a new innovative way to detect hidden PFM-1 anti-personnel landmines.

Under “Discrete” I refer to the acceptance in Engineering [ and not only ] of π in the Form of :

4 /{SQRT[ Golden Ratio ]},
which is associated, indissolubly, with Microcosmos and Macrocosmos .

The proposed π keeps its “Irrational” form in powers and roots unchanged.

The disk shaped hand grenade will be a new design. The grenade will be made with metal. All components will be the same in this disk like basketball shape grenade but only difference is its disk shape.

It will be more aerodynamic due to its disk shape.

An idea from 1985 now updated. Although direction back to balloons, drones are more flexible. Large wing area with solar cells, bent slightly to catch more light when the sun, off apex. 2 concepts ST-1, and ST-2. Concept can be enlarged for passengers.

I always had a wish to upgrade and accelerate the figth against a fire. In my country every summer we have many fires that burn large areas specially in windy days. Many times these fires are close to the sea and can be to areas difficult to approach.

By sintering ceramic powder with metal powder under very high pressure and temperature, elastic and plastic deformable metal rich ceramic can be created.

EAS device full absolute time same code structure that uses a true full absolute time protocol. This improvement will better guarantee absolute time from year to year as well as preventing bad BLU or WTE BLA CEA alerts.The solution is simple.

It is known that vertical flight is very costly from an energy point of view. To avoid the same disadvantage during forward flight it is obviously recommended to use mainly the wings to produce lift instead of the air impulse.

New propulsion type with thrust augmenter and new VTOL aircraft

The present concept aims to improve the disk loading value with around 15 - 20% and to reduce noise with around 20% over current ducted fan propulsion systems. This increases the hover efficiency and reduces the power requirement.

A new image processing technology, nearest neighbor deconvolution (US Patent 7912307), is able to enhance image spatial resolution beyond the diffraction limit.

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