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My wife is an ecclectic collector of recipes. I always joke with her that she has the
largest collection of Internet- supplied recipes in the world. And, despite that, she never
fails to ask me: “So, what should I make for supper tonight ?”.

A symptom of food preparation today, our laziness compels us to rely on quick food.
But, our taste buds and bodies yearn for a fresh, home-cooked meal. It easily explains all
these new services providing home delivered meal ingredients along with “easy-to-use”
preparation instructions. It also explains the newest kitchen appliances that are (almost)
all-in-one meal makers.

The truth is that ...

BAG-OLĒ is a simple device made out of almost any hard tubing and hooks that are molded on or attached in some way. It is hung in a plastic bag to keep the bag open for the insertion of materials for recycling. The plastic bag is hung on the wall for insertion of bottles, cans, etc. Without BAG-OLĒ the opening of the bag will slowly close up with the weight of the contents.

At this time there is nothing on the market that keeps a plastic bag mouth open. This idea would be in every place that recycles ...

Bags have an important role in our lives in terms of both functionality and aesthetically. In other words, fashion is not just about the outlook of these complementary accessories but also it is about sustainability. Buying bags just because of their different sizes and outlooks causes a storage problem for many people and an absolute pressure on our resources.

A kind of 2in1 bag system as seen in photo (can be 3,4..in1 with the additional colorful middle parts supplied as a set) which requires a less storage area and more friendly to our resources can be an alternative solution to different size & outlook needs of a person.

Potentially, women are first to adopt it since bags are important ...

There are products like battery operated bats available in the market to kill mosquitoes and insects but there is no battery-less innovation. My invention is very simple and very effective in killing mosquitoes as there is no need for recharging the battery of this mosquito bat. Only a bat and adhesive tape are required to build it. It will work to by trapping and killing mosquitoes. Salient features: (1) there is no need for recharging it. (2) the adhesive tape can be removed and replaced after use. (3) it is a very low cost design so anyone can afford it very easily. (4) it is safe and light weight (5) it can be used many ...

Beachill is an eco-friendly smart outdoor mattress that can charge any portable device through its 7 watts solar panel, keeps beverages cold with its 2.0 liter built in thermo-fridge. It also contains a water-poof & sun-proof storage pocket to store valuables (phone, wallets..).

Beachill is handmade with the world's best outdoor fabric -- Dralon acrylic which is water-proof, sun-proof and most importantly anti-bacterial. It is designed in an ergonomic shape to ensure the best comfortable experience. Beachill is foldable, washable and easy to carry due to its light weight (1.5 kilograms). Not only that, Beachill can fit all human heights due to its folding ...

Beddingo sheets are a two-piece fitted sheet simple system - a base and a sheet, which attached together for fast and easy sheet changes.

Once installed, the base will remain around the mattress and never have to be removed. Beddingo sheet then easily attached on and off, with velcro fasteners, for easy changing.

Beddingo sheets have 4 main advantages:
1. No need to ever lift your mattress again!
2. Corners doesn’t pop off, stay secure all night long.
3. All fabrics made from premium quality 100% organic cotton.
4. Takes half the time to change ...

The vacuum cleaner will consist of an enlarged intake using just a foam in order to prevent a drop or reduction in the suction pressure as pre-filter and water as the final filter. Using a vacuum cleaner filter exhales air that is smaller than 0.3 micron. The smallest particle emitted by vacuum cleaners using a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. Any particles smaller than 0.3 micron remain untouched. Using water as the final filter will further clean the exhaled air by reducing the particles smaller than 0.3 micron by absorbing these particles. Any particles exhaled by the pre-filter will be absorbed by the final filter which is the water. We have the option to make a ...


Wouldn't it be great if blind people could be warned of obstructions and or dangerous areas ahead. With this device they could. It is envisioned to start with a normal looking eyeglass frame upon the sides of which are tiny cameras such as are used in many cell phones. The signals from the cameras would be sent to a processing device like the remote I wear around my neck for my hearing aid (ever since I lost my ear to cancer). The remote can process the signals from the cameras and then transmit warnings to wearable electrodes such as were advertised by an Australian company some years ago.

L. D. ...

BRAILLE II implements a cheap, simple and portable multi-line Braille display compatible with any touch screen device, allowing low-income blind users to get access to education, public services and work opportunities easier than ever.

The device implements a mechanism that can generate Braille symbols and automatically slide them across user's finger, imitating the tactile feedback they would get reading ordinary Braille text. User's other hand is used to navigate across the surface of the screen of, let's say, a tablet. Said tablet reads touch coordinates and transmits a corresponding letter to BRAILLE II which is subsequently displayed to the user. Any graphical or console interface can be made available in Braille just by sending corresponding symbol commands to BRAILLE ...

Design Statement and Working:

A hanger ring for hanging clothes to dry with air draft has been mounted on support a bar that connects a ceiling fan to the roof.

Ring has round shape with ‘plus sign’ shape support frame has larger diameter than ceiling fan maximum diameter at wings end tips for suitable clearance between wings end points and clothes to allow efficient movement of air draft for best dryness results in less time.

One of the rings (hanger) can be fixed to the support bar at one time and other rings can be connected to this main ring via connected links as per need.

Bulbs can be used to provide thermal energy in drying process and can ...

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