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Normally, It is very difficult to know what type of plastic different hangers are made of. What we do is throw them in a specific rubbish bin or sell them in relative organizations. They will classify them and make them for products.

Overview of Venture: PLUR Tech uses technology to connect users to each other without the use of a cell phone. Our focus is on the electronic dance music (EDM) festival market. Using (RFID) technology,

According to Chemistry About.com, chewing gum was originally made from tree sap called chicle, a natural rubber, and sometimes various waxes. But After World War II, chemists learned to make synthetic rubber, which came to replace most natural rubber in chewing gum (e.g., polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate).

Currently, there is a water supply system of PPR pipes. Welded together by a special soldering iron with nozzles, teflon coatings. PPR - It is eco-friendly, safe and durable material.

But a lot of people use these pipes and fittings for self-made creativity - making various things.

Riskut – A New Approach to Device and Data Security

A new category in the mobile device and data protection marketplace.

Riskut is the initial product offering of the ProximID Group, which has developed unique solutions based on security by proximity.

Product counterfeiting is the largest criminal enterprise, exceeding $1T annually. Tracera has invented an easy-to-use and effective anti-counterfeit solution to solve this problem. We have created a unique fingerprint for tangible objects that cannot be replicated.

When disasters happen, we don't have a refrigerator to keep our temperature-sensitive drugs or vials for patients. This box should be packed at optimum temperature in the lab, or factory, and LED or LCD ON the box which works with a battery, show inner box temperature.

Purifier, an air conditioner for bath and toilet, detects the smell, temperature, humidity, and user's activity via electronic nose, temperature, humidity, and infrared sensor. Equipped with AI data analysis for air convection, purification and deodorization, it adjusts the temperature and humidity for different users and releases the fragrance.

Quarantine Garbage Bin is a new kind of garbage bin that does not allow overflowing garbage to enter the environment when the garbage bin reaches above its holding capacity. Overflowing of garbage is very challenging in almost every city of the world. In densely populated cities,

The Quick Leash is an effective new way to leash a pet over that of a 'snap hook' or 'carabiner' style leash. The Quick Leash is designed to hook on to the pets collar, not the 'D-Ring'. Hooking onto the D-Ring is cumbersome and requires two hands.

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