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The revolutionary Help Care System (HSC) shower cubicle’s unique design was conceived to improve the well-being of our increasingly aging population. Old age inevitably gives rise to some extent of reduced mobility, and our main aim at Excel Shower, since the outset, has been to address this problem and to optimize the independence and quality of life of those with reduced mobility. The fully automated process, with its remote controlled, rotating and automatically adjusting seat, and accessible control panel, enables even the least mobile to shower themselves, with little or no assistance.

While our product was conceived with the elderly in mind, it has equal potential to be life-changing for anyone with reduced mobility, be this during post-accident or ...

This invention is a solution to the annual $1 Billion problem of storm water back up in basements during power outages and all the hardship caused to homeowners, especially those with finished basements.

Unlike battery back up pumps which typically only operate for 1-2 hours, this design will run 24-7-365 keeping basements dry during power outages of any duration, without any batteries.

Other key advantages are near 100% efficiency vs. venturi pumps that are 40-50% at best, and no need for a back flow preventer with physical separation of municipal water and sump ...

Hubba-Hubba Cap

The design of the hubcap for cars/trucks is as important as all the other design aspects of the vehicle.

However, once the car/truck is in motion, all we see is a blur where the wheel and the logo are concerned.

The Hubba-Hubba Cap is designed to give maximum visibility to the brand name even when the vehicle is in full motion.

Hubba-Hubba Cap consists of three parts.

One is the regular mounting rim that attaches the hubcap to the wheel.

The center part, the one displaying the logo, is made of two discs connected in such a way as to overlap the mounting ring. This is built with a heavier bottom portion (BALLAST) which always keeps the logo in a vertical position.

Friction between ...

The human washing machine can be used by anyone. It can be used by the elderly or handicapped, who may prefer to shower naked by themselves, without the help of a nurse or other care provider. It can also be used by young, active people (for example sportsmen and bodybuilders), who from time to time may prefer a machine-assisted showering experience (for instance, due to sore muscles)., for orthopedics, over weights etc. persons. It is for everyone.

Everyone can purchase a human washing machine for him self or for his family in the same manner like toothbrush; 1 machine and four brushes. One set of brushes for each person including a container to store and decontaminate the human wash ...

The need for a friendly chemical solution for in-can preservatives.

Water based paints, polymers, resins, inks, adhesives and cosmetics will spoil if left untreated.

The addition of anti-microbial formulae, acting as "in-can preservatives" will stop product spoilage prior to use.

Currently used antimicrobials are being recognised as either; dermal or breathing irritants, cytotoxic, endocrine disruptors and/or carcinogens.

The EU is leading the challenge in forcing out the use of these unacceptable biocides. Some California based companies are following the EU lead in limiting acceptance of current solutions.

European Industry believes it is not possible to effectively control the wide variety of micro-organisms without the current in-can preservatives. The water based decorative paints represents around 75% of the total decorative ...

INNOVICLE is an innovative design concept presented by us for the development of a bicycle in the consumer product range. This conceptual design is basically designed by keeping in mind the changes in the environment due to the increasing harsh effects of pollution due to the use of fossil fuels. Now it's time to shift to consumer products which can effectively help our society in harvesting energy that can be used in normal day to day life works.

In our design concept, we are introducing the concept of Triboelectric nanogenerator Technology in a bicycle in such a way that we will be able to harvest energy during the motion of the bicycle it will not be affecting our environment ...

The proposed system is a simple, effective means to stop children from being inadvertently left in cars. With today’s current state of inexpensive/high performance IoT devices and communication, there is no reason that a moment’s inattention should lead to a loss of life.

If a parent/caregiver makes the tragic mistake of leaving a young child in a closed vehicle, the ramifications are both severe and rapid. The greenhouse effect – even at perceptively cool temperatures – causes unsafe temperatures to be reached quickly. The temperature rise in typical closed vehicles is shown in figure 1.

The movement of very young children and their parents generally follow predictable patterns. The child is typically at home or at a day care/relative ...

Kilowatt Killer is designed to improve Whole House Fan (WHF). According to the Department of Energy, WHF can replace your air conditioner (AC) most of the year in most climates.

The improvement we made is in casing design and controller. The casing minimizes obstruction of view, locate motor behind the wall to lower decibels, secure open window, install in 5 minutes, 1/10 the cost of a WHF, it's portable and could be symbolic as a green home. The smart switch works in conjunction with AC/heater, max high and low, adjust the temperature differential, intermittent activation for ventilation, adjustable air vent up to 180 degrees and could be used to heat your home while you're at work.

Problems we will ...

A ladder without rungs.

This ladder uses the batteries from your power tools to power the ladder up and down. The ladder has only one rung that you stand on, and it goes up and down by pushing the button on the handle that you hold, or it could be controlled by your foot. This way you don't have to step up and ...

The life-size image of the virtual trainer gives the illusion of a real person who presents the exercises. The range of exercises: Regular exercises, playful exercise for children, gentle workout for the elderly, Losing weight, Build muscle, Relaxation. The device can be controlled with a touch-sensitive bracelet during the training. It’s easy to use for elder peoples, who are discomfort to use modern electronic devices (mostly). Based on off-the-shelf components: ARM-based microcomputer, LED projector, Bluetooth touch-sensitive bracelet. Newer trainers, exercises and tasks can be downloaded over a wireless network so the use of the device does not become ...

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