Consumer Products

The revolutionary Help Care System (HSC) shower cubicle’s unique design was conceived to improve the well-being of our increasingly aging population. Old age inevitably gives rise to some extent of reduced mobility, and our main aim at Excel Shower, since the outset,

This invention is a solution to the annual $1 Billion problem of storm water back up in basements during power outages and all the hardship caused to homeowners, especially those with finished basements.

Unlike battery back up pumps which typically only operate for 1-2 hours,

Hubba-Hubba Cap

The design of the hubcap for cars/trucks is as important as all the other design aspects of the vehicle.

However, once the car/truck is in motion, all we see is a blur where the wheel and the logo are concerned.

The human washing machine can be used by anyone. It can be used by the elderly or handicapped, who may prefer to shower naked by themselves, without the help of a nurse or other care provider. It can also be used by young,

The need for a friendly chemical solution for in-can preservatives.

Water based paints, polymers, resins, inks, adhesives and cosmetics will spoil if left untreated.

The addition of anti-microbial formulae, acting as "in-can preservatives" will stop product spoilage prior to use.

INNOVICLE is an innovative design concept presented by us for the development of a bicycle in the consumer product range.

The proposed system is a simple, effective means to stop children from being inadvertently left in cars. With today’s current state of inexpensive/high performance IoT devices and communication, there is no reason that a moment’s inattention should lead to a loss of life.

Kilowatt Killer is designed to improve Whole House Fan (WHF). According to the Department of Energy, WHF can replace your air conditioner (AC) most of the year in most climates.

The improvement we made is in casing design and controller. The casing minimizes obstruction of view,

A ladder without rungs.

This ladder uses the batteries from your power tools to power the ladder up and down. The ladder has only one rung that you stand on, and it goes up and down by pushing the button on the handle that you hold,

The life-size image of the virtual trainer gives the illusion of a real person who presents the exercises. The range of exercises: Regular exercises, playful exercise for children, gentle workout for the elderly, Losing weight, Build muscle, Relaxation.

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