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SnotRocket is a unique syringe-type aspirator that is more powerful, more precisely controllable, more sanitary, more rugged, more convenient and more discreet than any other pediatric nasal aspirator.

The simpler version has only two parts,

Security has been a significant concern in many households in Africa. In Kenya, 45% of the homes lack access to electricity, and 34% of the 77,600 crimes registered in 2017, were theft, robbery, and burglary.

The strut channel bar clamps (figure 1) utilize a commercially available structural member (strut channel) that for years was used for hanging HVAC, pipes/conduit and other industrial components. The two parts of the strut channel bar clamp are the force imparting component herein known as the “clamp block”

SueChef is the first fully automated, start-to-finish, meal preparation solution and smart kitchen ecosystem. The SueChef itself, a multi-meal cold food storage and oven combination,

This design is for a TV series, “Summer is Coming”, depicting young people in effective action on our current climate crisis. This series contains no zombies, robots run amuck, or dragons. It does contain believable characters in situations that could actually happen in the near future. In addition,

Several million toddlers have to wait until a specific time that is set by the caregiver. Not knowing the concept of time, it is hard to follow what "in an hour" means. Toddlers need a simple way that they can relay on.

The emission solution building is a good way to deal with pollution . This concept can make the air cleaner . produces more ozone . Which can make better environment we live in . We need a place that is about 4 acres .

The first educational toy to teach coding without the need to know how to read. The Ifs is a family of robots with sensors through different color pieces that are placed on their heads. The different color pieces are instructions that are combined as if it were a code,

This device is a dispenser for a measured amount of liquid, bleach, water softener, etc., into a toilet tank with each flush. The valve works on the principal of differential densities between water and the valve shuttle.

Piezo is a battery phone case company that focuses on the advancement of energy efficient charging. Piezo’s goal has been to create a self-charging phone case that utilizes piezoelectric tiles to extend the lifespan of our cellular devices.

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