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Load-shedding is one of the problems in rural areas and for it, students are most depreciated. Although reading or writing is possible at light of kerosene lantern,

RoFo Enterprise, Corporation. RoFo (Ro Fo) Enterprise, Corporation creates and develops for production uniquely absurd designed U.S. Patented; Patent number; 5,966,743, entitled, Substance Dispensing Headgear, trademark name RoFo headgear and RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispensers for the purposes of national and international wholesale distribution. Its globally recognized slogan: “

Playing in musical groups as both a bass player and electric guitarist I realized a need to have an instrument which possessed more versatility to support the song at hand.

Per billion vehicle miles, 1,011 pedal cyclists are killed or seriously injured, in comparison to 26 car drivers. Around 75% of fatal or serious cyclist accidents occur in urban areas. Around half of the cyclist fatalities occur on rural roads. 75% happen at, or near, a road junction.

SCROLL-X combines a flexible light guide, electronic paper display, and laser projection technology to reduce the risk of placing an emergency stop sign when a vehicle breaks down during daytime or night time. The reel design can be installed in the trunk,

In the 60’s Bell Helmet had an ad that read “If You Have a $10 Head Wear a $10 Helmet.”
Whether or not you lead with your head, you want to know the DAMPS numbers.

• Step-by-Step practical prerecorded demonstration videos.
• Downloadable batch formulation and procedural manuals.

With additional
• Follow-up webinars and mentorships.
• Special consultancy and one-on-one video training.
• On-demand solutions and formulations with their online/offline demo training.

Energy is the one of the primary economy of the world. One of the biggest issues of the energy sector is energy consumption efficiency at house hold level.

A pack or packet of cigarettes is a rectangular container, mostly of paperboard, which contains cigarettes. The pack is designed with a flavour-protective foil, paper or plastic, and sealed through a transparent airtight plastic film. By pulling the "pull-tabs", the pack is opened.

BelleT has developed a comprehensive skin monitoring system that can monitor skin conditions (at various body locations: face, neck, hands, body and hair etc.) from multi-aspects including skin moisture and glow, UV exposure, skin and skincare product pH values, to provide personalized optimal guidance and recommendations.

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