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The LINK touch screen remote tablet guide, or RTG for short, is a touch screen remote tablet guide ergonomically designed/shaped as a remote. RTGs functions include a touch screen remote operation for the LINK TV.

Address the problem instead of brushing or styling hair the old way is to either wet hands and drip water everywhere or putting your head under water. With the Liquid Brush it's more manageable faster time and less mess for styling hair or coloring.

According to the World Health Organization, there are over 1 Billion people with disabilities on the planet. They are the group with the highest risk of social exclusion. Around 300 million people with disabilities are non-verbal and depend on alternative communication devices.

My idea consists of using the new small and powerful magnets to hold dentures in place securely without the use of any denture adhesive. There are many companies that make these magnets in many different sizes, down to 1/4" diameter and less.

Maingel is a bracelet with a capsule that allows you to store liquid products to be used later and quickly because it is only necessary to press on the capsule so that it doses part of its contents on the user's hand. This content can be antibacterial gel,

Preservation of food and beverages is very difficult. One way of preserving is placing inside a vacuum container or seal. There are many types of vacuum seal but all of them are digital or run under electric power or motor.

California has become the first US state to go strawless: banning the sippers at sit-down eateries in the state, starting in 2019. Among the companies pledging to ban, or greatly limit, distribution of plastic straws: American Airlines, Aramark, Disney, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott International, Pret a Manger,

This Mixed Reality Equipment(MR) can record the video data with a key in which is the ID of MR and recorded time.The MR uploades the video data on a media server. The MR has a group video-calling feature.You can communicate between all MR. When wearing this MR,

Mosquitoes breed in the basins beneath planter pots. In many, there is a protruding lip used to water the plant. Planter pots are generally of a two-part design with the water basin at the bottom and the plant with potting soil on the top.

Motion Sensing Delineator

Traffic Delineator Tubes are used in the construction industry to act as a visual barrier between workers and a safety hazard. They are typically a construction orange color, stand 4 feet tall, 6 inches in diameter, and are made of a heavy plastic.

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