Life for people with impairments is a bit difficult as compared to the unimpaired. Conventional wheelchairs need an extra person to move it around. Sometimes the person himself pushes the wheels which results in problems of upper body functioning.

Thermoterra develops SmartWall: an active insulation solution for residential and commercial buildings, saving more than 50% of heating and cooling expenses while increasing inhabitants well-being. SmartWall utilizes patented energy storage, AI algorithms and IoT devices to optimize energy consumption and comfort level.

The project proposes a model of variable rate automatic microcontroller based irrigation system. Solar power as known is used as a clean source of energy that can be used in any system and also it is used in this system.

This concept produces electricity by the wind. We need a round column that is 240 ft high and 4 ft diameter. On the top of column we have around frame, that is 200 ft diameter and 314 curbs blade fan,

The new processor pushes back boundaries with outstanding performance and extraordinary efficiency. Its number crunching qualities are undisputed. The 1 kHz processor (eight bit wide) delivers 18,000 petaflops of calculation. It is a system of using decimal or higher number system in processor;

The real-time water quality monitoring and notification system (water QMS) measures the essential qualities of water -- the water PH, temperature, turbidity (cloudiness of water), and water level in the tank -- in real time.

WORKER SPACE is a smart spray water mist system that improves the health and serious impact of high dust concentration. It can spray fine water mist at high altitude, which can reduce dust amount, lower temperature, generate convection, improve air pollution and heatstroke of staffs,

Write Once, Read Forever (WORF) is a unique, optical data storage media, especially formulated and patented by Creative Technology, LLC, of Hockessin, Delaware (CTech). The media is designed to be resistant to the hostile space environment and is currently being tested by NASA on the International Space Station (ISS).

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