This project is about building an app that monitors the number of hours your eyes have spent looking at a screen in every smart device like smartphones and computers to prevent your eyes become ill that could result in permanent blindness caused by spending too much time on screen.

Interacting with objects just looking at them has always been a dream for humans. Eye of Horus is an open source platform to control any device just looking at them. The project (hardware & software) was built from scratch in Zaragoza to solve the a Global Wearables challenge.

Attochron's i-AIR(TM) Fiberless 5G Backhaul: the world's first and only ultrashort pulse laser-based optical wireless telecommunications link -- all others have used 'continuous wave' (CW) lasers. This technology space is generally known as 'free-space-optical communications' (FSOC).

The relation between producers and the society is simple. Producers manufacture products in order to profit from the product consumption from society. One of the problems is after consumption there will be waste or garbage. This garbage management is done mostly by government bodies.

The basic objective is to increase profitability of crop production, improve product quality, and protect the environment. The inability to obtain soil characteristics rapidly and inexpensively remains one of the biggest limitations of precision agriculture. This sensor is based on electrical conductivity and electrochemical measurement concepts.

Consider a path to profitability for commercial food retailers, one that competing online merchants cannot touch. A means of achieving impressive ROI within two years. A process that promises to recover $4.4 billion in lost revenues annually. A system that helps manage regional peak loads for electric utilities,

Hearo is world’s only Internet Of Sounds device. Instead of adding more and more connected, single-function, electronic devices into your home, the acoustic and musical properties of everyday objects become programmable digital controllers.

Today, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices can be used to deliver a shock to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) to restore normal rhythm to the heart. The current art has evolved over the years but AEDs are still unconnected stationary devices. Tomorrow,

Intelipod is to designed to meet the current and future needs of public safety within the Smart City construct:
1. IoT integrated remote sensing will drive and define Emergency Response, Homeland Security, and Industrial Safety
2. Accomplished through Cloud networked proprietary small, disposable, configurable,

FireTweet Technologies. We have developed a cloud based IoT (Internet of Things) solution to address the problem of non-functional fire safety systems and equipment installed to safeguard your people, vast premises and costly assets.

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