Because of poor visibility due to water turbidity caused by planktons, suspended impurities, etc., undersea image enhancement has specific difficulties. More turgid water gives images more of a green hue.

Generally a communication system is made-up of “transmitter, channel and receiver.” The architecture of narrowband receivers has had many changes since the beginning of the 19th century, but in recent years (2002~2019),

Dual-Adaptive Camouflage, or DAC

Adaptive camouflage merely to an environment's background scenery is only half of the property of true invisibility.

It require a dual-adaptive camouflage; one adaptable to the outside of the suit ( usually the case) itself,

Adaptable not only to the environment, but to itself as well.

The full diversity of my Light-Interface System concept can be demonstrated with my model of an invisible suit.

My 3-D Pixel Unit concept already exists, in part, as an angle sensitive pixel,

External 3-Dimensional Holodeck Scenery

In it's simplest form, invisibility is depicted outside of the Light-Interface System, while an intersection ( holodeck) of the outside light is displayed, painted all along the interior walls in the Light-Interface, itself.

I have invented an electrical circuit which helps to save electricity. Suppose there is a fan in a room operated by inverter supply and a water cooler outside the room connected with simple supply of electricity.

The team ENENT believes that the efficiency of the existing systems could drastically be improved by inculcating innovative techniques into it. Following our vision, the team made an innovation power distribution device that saves 20%-25% of the electricity bills.

Enhanced EAS system is an enhanced EAS box with all controls on screen or in build in browser circuit with enhanced cap capability and extra software setup tools.The main feature of my design is in addition to the existing <Preamble>

This project is about building a new mechanism that ensures the safety of wheelchair users going up and down an escalator. This is done by modifying the current escalators bed (upper layer in which we place our foot).

eShepherd is a world-first livestock virtual herding solution that provides remote pasture management, and animal monitoring for improved livestock and land welfare. Developed in Australia for the global market, eShepherd helps farmers manage their animals and land more effectively in the face of climate change.

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