By combining hydrogen peroxide fog (h2O2) and eighteen 95 watt UV-C lamps (1,710 watts total) in a sequence therapy, uv-c shadowing is minimized and sanitizing bacteria and fungus is more thorough on hard to reach surfaces.

Bioavlee is a biotechnology company with strong competences in R&D. The startup creates solutions that determine the new quality of laboratory equipment. Currently, microbiological industrial laboratories often work on the basis of time-consuming, manual analysis based on classical microbiology.

Nearly 300,000 Americans have sustained some form of spinal cord injury (SCI), and effective therapies to promote recovery of neural function are lacking. Our vision is to create an off-the-shelf spinal cord implant to replace the injured tissue.

A truly futuristic idea that looks like something straight out of Star Trek: Next Generation, Body-on-a-Chip has spring boarded off new tissue engineering technology. In fact, it was the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine’

Bongo Rx is a unique patented, FDA cleared device for the treatment of mild/moderate sleep apnea. The product requires no power supply, tubing or complex system compared to current therapy options. The product was designed to improve compliance, make it easier for the patient to travel,

ViaTechMD has invented and developed the first and only device-based treatment for various conditions known to contribute to preterm birth (“PTB”).

PTB is a growing global healthcare crisis and is the leading cause of infant death and morbidity within the first months of life.

The present invention relates to design and fabrication of new supports; which are in fact polymer-metal composite supports for finger and foot. They are made of a soft polymer with inserted sheets of aluminum, steel or carbon-fiber. The optimal models are strong,

Diabetes is a disease that affects 371 million people worldwide, and 187 million of them do not even know they have the disease. In 2010, working-age adults made an average of 3.9 visits to doctors, nurses or other medical providers,

The standards for transformation and transfection for years have been plasmid transfer by conjugate mating, DNA uptake by competent cells, chemical permeation, electroporation, and detergent and liposomal vectors and viral vectors, of bacterial and eukaryotic cells, respectively.

A practical offering for a pharmacy which wants to eliminate the need to have staff waste what could be productive time greeting a patient, asking for their name, looking up on the pharmacy system if a prescription(s) is ready for pick up,

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