Neonatal jaundice is a yellowish discoloration of the white part of the eyes and skin in a newborn baby due to high bilirubin levels.The need for treatment depends on bilirubin levels, the age of the child, and the underlying cause. Treatments may include more frequent feeding, phototherapy,

Poop and pee. Everyone does it, but no one’s comfortable talking about it. It’s a conversation not suitable for your first date (I would hope), or one to have with your colleagues, but it’s completely normal, a vital bodily function, and is a universal part of the human experience.

Vascular Perfusion Solutions (VPS) has developed a new, unique, and innovative medical device that extends organ and limb viability — the Universal Limb/Organ Stasis System for Extended Storage, or ULiSSES™. VPS is working with a team of world-class scientists to advance ULiSSES™

A pillow embedded with PMMA medical grade optical fibers by a CNC machine I invented back in 1997. I coated the surface of the fabric with a thin film of silicon forming a flexible substrate underneath the pillow case so that a grid of light is formed over the

Someone in the US has a stroke every 40 seconds (nearly 800,000 strokes per year) and stroke is a leading cause of long-term disability. When brain damage occurs after a stroke, it can disrupt the nerve messaging between the brain and muscles, causing paralysis.

Our vision: Using radar technology to enable touch-free and continuous vital sign monitoring for stationary hospital patients, home care, follow-up care, and infant observation.

Continuous monitoring of vital signs is a crucial task not only in hospitals.

Transplantable unions of living cells and electronic circuits interfaced with body parts, will be used to test, measure, monitor, control, repair, replace, or assist the functioality of body parts.

Ordinary cells and stem cells are deposited upon, grown, attached to, united, and coupled with non-rejectable electronic circuits, sensors,

Umbilical Care is an L-shaped silicon cord clip used to test the bacterial infection at baby’s cord. Via the “histamine testing sticker” attached on a hollow chamber of Umbilical Care which can react with the histamine produced by bacteria,

Using recently developed UV-C wavelength light emitting diodes (LEDs), a low power, compact, inexpensive device can effectively sanitize any small medical or other instrument (such as stethoscopes, reflex hammers, trauma shears, etc.) to above the 99.9% level.

Digital and mobile technology provides consumers with access to their own personal health data. From measuring the number of steps per day or the number of solid sleep hours per night, consumers have begun to take an active role in tracking their health.

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