Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a medical procedure used for treatment of cardiac disorders such as arrhythmia or destruction of cancerous tumors in lung, kidney, breast, liver or any other dysfunctional tissue diseases. RFA is also used for treatment of varicose veins,

The goal to be accomplished is to have a robot work collaboratively with a person in a patient care setting without electrical communication (e.g., Remote Control). By having a robotic bed side assistant available to assist with basic tasks within hospitals or nursing homes,

ROSES is a Robotic System for Endovascular Surgery, composed by a console, the master, that can control up to three slaves, and a number of disposables (at least one per each slave) that allows driving guide wires and catheters into the human body, separating the doctor from the patient,

The cranes that are used in hydrotherapy, most of all in swimming pools, are used to move up and down patients with some disabilities. Many of these cranes are hydraulic and maneuvered manually; only a few are semi-automatic and use an electric actuator.

Assessment of OB/GYN patients finds dissatisfaction in common procedures, with “gentleness” as an arguable unit of measure.

Problem: The pelvic exam is of particular note when it is not considered organic due to size, speed, and weight differentials. Additionally,

Shape state analysis offers vital insights. Structures change shape before collapsing. Earthquakes are preceded by shifts in relative locations of monitoring stations. Genetic abnormalities can be detected and quantified from locations of anatomical features recognizable to specialists. These and other applications rely on comparing arrays of physical landmarks.

Shower Belt is the world's first drowning and scalding prevention device for use in the shower. It uses your own body weight to stop the flow of water should you fall. I designed Shower Belt after the sudden and tragic loss of my friend Natalie Fryzak.

Parkinsonism is a group of chronic neurological disorders characterized by progressive loss of motor function resulting from the degeneration of neurons in the area of the brain that controls voluntary movement. All types of Parkinsonism are characterized by four main signs, including tremors of resting muscles,

The Smart Life Guard Pajamas (SLGP) can be useful in two main cases:

1) In the case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest – A lot of adult people suffer from cardiac problems, which can cause Cardiac Arrest. Because of this reason plenty of people die during sleep,

Torque control
Power assist wheelchairs work best when there is a torque feedback, measuring the user input torque and using it to determine the torque the motor needs to supply to the wheels.

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