Free-space optical systems are generally used for "last mile" communication and can operate at distances of several kilometers long as long as there is a clear line of sight between the sender and receiver, and the optical receiver can decode the signal of the information transmitted.


Amidst the pandemic and economic concerns going back to office remains a critical decision. Here we propose a contactless access and monitoring system focused on corporate employees’ safety. The system comprises 3 stages (a) attendance management, (b) contactless access control, and (c) social distance monitoring.

Long String Authentication (LSA)

For IoT devices and sensors, no existing authentication can provide security in the context of their use requirements and their resource limitations.

Fixed passwords are inadequate. Managing numerous communications devices/systems with different and changing passwords is complex and costly.

Water quality is an extremely valuable condition for all forms of life. Sadly, during the last decades, irresponsible consumption and industrialization caused the global issue of water pollution. In addition, poor water quality is damaging entire ecosystems as it contains hazardous chemicals and harmful bacteria.

Disability in mobility can be a congenital, an acquired problem, or a consequence of disease.

Innovation: DOWSIL™ TC-5550 is a novel Thermal Interface Material (TIM) that manages heat in mission-critical microprocessors, enabling more compact designs, longer device lifetimes, faster speeds, and fewer catastrophic failures. The future will be defined by high power microprocessors for advances in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things,

You must have seen notice boards and information boards at various places such as schools, universities, offices, transport hubs, etc. The conventional method involves the use of paper or an entirely separate display system for such purposes respectively. These methods consume resources and time.

LED video displays are a $15B market. It is also the last passive-matrix video device in production. The existing process uses discrete LEDs on conventional PCBs. With a passive backplane, all the image artifacts,

A growing demand has been established over the recent years for quick and inexpensive oil adulteration detection testing to convoy the automated processes in the industry. Monitoring the oil's quality is paramount not only during their production, transportation, and storage phases but also, more importantly,

NDB is a universal lifelong self-charging green battery, it doesn’t run out of charge during the entire lifetime of the device that it powers.

NDB is a safe, green and versatile solution to the globally growing energy demand, made from recycled nuclear waste.

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