To kill the germs on a door handle after every time the door handle is used.

When it comes to spreading germs, the common door handle is a big problem. Harmful germs can easily be picked up by touching an infected door handle.

A designed product that can grow fresh food anywhere. Our system is called the Automated Hydroponic system where plants are cultivated indoors without soil, controlled using IoT and operated using renewable (solar) energy.


In our day to day life engineering interventions are unavoidable, since engineering is well aligned with our lifestyle. A decay back engineering can be differentiate from one stream to another stream; According to world industrial growth,

Light spectra are a very important source of information for manifold applications as, e.g., diverse classification problems for materials discrimination. Aside from this, agricultural and medical applications also came up, which measure the health condition of plants and humans. Despite the growing demand,

ChIMES (Chemical Identification by Magneto-Elastic Sensing) is a passive chemical sensing technology that can detect a very broad range of substances. The technology consists of a sensing element and a separate electronic package; the two components can communicate wirelessly through a metallic or nonmetallic barrier.

The confidential screen protector is a simple project based on an IR sensor and ESP8266. It automatically shuts down the present working screen as soon as someone comes into the radar of the IR sensor.

Such a confidential screen keeper is quite useful when working on confidential stuff.

In a world of rising energy consumption, the need to efficiently minimize and contain extended energy costs cannot be overemphasized. This has led the world to thoroughly investigate electricity consumption behaviour by continuously monitoring with the aid of electric meters,

Early warning saves lives. This is the motto of FatigPro.

FatigPro is a sensor that detects metal fatigue and issues early warning before catastrophic failure.

And what is metal fatigue? It is what makes bridges fall all of a sudden, what makes trains derail,

A smart city is a city that uses various technologies to provide services and solve problems within a city. To keep these technologies running smoothly, a continuous power supply is needed to fulfill the energy demands of the city.

This project is about building a new kind of safety shoes for electrical operators in power grids or any other sites where there is high risk of electrocution while handling electrical equipment that can kill or surely cause high health damage to the operators like electrical engineers,

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