Nano OPS, Inc. is a spinout from Northeastern University with a mission to “democratize” nanomanufacturing, making it more broadly accessible to industry and entrepreneurs.

I present the concept of a laser pumped with electron beams from carbon nanotubes in the process of field emission of electrons. Today, commercial lasers are mainly pumped optically, for example, by coupling to laser diodes or by applying an electrical voltage, such as in laser diodes.

The main objective is to develop a FMS lateral navigation system 's prototype using webapps technologies.

A monitoring system to allow early detection of damage to high tension power lines. Using Acoustical Emission (AE) techniques on high tension power lines for early detection of internal damage or fraying before the cable breaks.

Cable "Galloping" (low frequency, large amplitude, vibration caused by high winds),

In 2020, over 7 million public-facing touchscreens were impacted by concerns about pathogen transmission from shared surfaces. This is a small subset of the 85 million connected displays currently deployed globally with the potential for touchless interactivity.


We can do somethings to mitigate and contain the spread of infectious diseases. The first thing is always to understand what they'ree, how they're transmitted and how they affect ourselves. A clear example is the SARS-COV2 coronavirus.

To avoid this issue,

Hearo is worlds only Internet Of Sound system. With Hearo any object in your home can be a digital controller. It works like this:

The sound of hitting my tea cup with a spoon make Spotify skip to next song in my playlist.

The latest foldable display provides a larger screen in less space for a more vivid immersion experience. In these devices, non-metallic materials such as organic foam films (polyurethane,

The Hopper creates an adapted form of mobility for the city, rainproof, comfortable, cheap and environmentally friendly. With a roof, boot and a place for a passenger, our vehicle replaces the car.

The current enclosure of the prototype antenna is somewhat brittle. Replacing the "tube" with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene would make for a much stronger and more reliable enclosure. According to US Plastics of Lima, Ohio, USA; as long as you use virgin UHMW PE,

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