In a world of rising energy consumption, the need to efficiently minimize and contain extended energy costs cannot be overemphasized. This has led the world to thoroughly investigate electricity consumption behaviour by continuously monitoring with the aid of electric meters,

ChIMES (Chemical Identification by Magneto-Elastic Sensing) is a passive chemical sensing technology that can detect a very broad range of substances. The technology consists of a sensing element and a separate electronic package; the two components can communicate wirelessly through a metallic or nonmetallic barrier.


We all know sound energy is a mechanical energy which travels in the form of a wave, a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure which needs a medium to travel i.e.

Clock A as in the figure above is quantum mechanically enlarged to clock B along direction XZ in space and time. Light or radiation from B travels with the loss of time due to motion in free space and focused by magnifying glass on say head of person P.

Innovation: DOWSIL™ TC-5550 is a novel Thermal Interface Material (TIM) that manages heat in mission-critical microprocessors, enabling more compact designs, longer device lifetimes, faster speeds, and fewer catastrophic failures. The future will be defined by high power microprocessors for advances in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things,

The main objective is to develop a FMS lateral navigation system 's prototype using webapps technologies.


Amidst the pandemic and economic concerns going back to office remains a critical decision. Here we propose a contactless access and monitoring system focused on corporate employees’ safety. The system comprises 3 stages (a) attendance management, (b) contactless access control, and (c) social distance monitoring.

Future progress in AI and bitcoin may become paralyzed by enormous energy requirements.

Manufacturing of computer chips involves ion implantation via particle accelerators, which are generally expensive due to relatively large size and electric power requirements.

Also, for electronics, the unique magnetic,

In today's world we need an Airport Disease Scanner.

As we already are facing a pandemic we need this type of technology to prevent a future pandemic. Airport Disease Scanner in which we scan humans on airports for viruses DNA basically this detect viruses DNA in a human body.

The latest foldable display provides a larger screen in less space for a more vivid immersion experience. In these devices, non-metallic materials such as organic foam films (polyurethane,

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