Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) and Aquaculture are industries growing exponentially, accelerated by the pandemic. Increased food security, continuous (24/7) all-weather production, reduced water/land/CO2/Greenhouse-Gas footprint/fertiliser-or-pesticidal requirements and provision of better taste, with accelerated growth of produce ensuring 6-8 fold increased yield against conventional agricultural systems.

Long String Authentication (LSA)

For IoT devices and sensors, no existing authentication can provide security in the context of their use requirements and their resource limitations.

Fixed passwords are inadequate. Managing numerous communications devices/systems with different and changing passwords is complex and costly.

1. How NOVOLab works?
A low-cost IoT solution to individuals and educational institutions, NOVOLab is a lab-scaled open loop wind tunnel which can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world to ease study as well as help to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Transparent imaging stack integrated into a camera offers new 3D sensing solutions in the Internet of things (IoT) technologies. The camera simultaneously captures multiple images at different focal depths. The images are used to reconstruct 3D object configurations by a neural network algorithm for real-time 3D motion tracking.

Hearo is worlds only Internet Of Sound system. With Hearo any object in your home can be a digital controller. It works like this:

The sound of hitting my tea cup with a spoon make Spotify skip to next song in my playlist.

The confidential screen protector is a simple project based on an IR sensor and ESP8266. It automatically shuts down the present working screen as soon as someone comes into the radar of the IR sensor.

Such a confidential screen keeper is quite useful when working on confidential stuff.

Have you ever seen a wireless signal? Me neither, but Endpoint Security technology sees a naturally occurring fingerprint in every signal. These fingerprints can be seen by us when plotted on the surface of a sphere.

A growing demand has been established over the recent years for quick and inexpensive oil adulteration detection testing to convoy the automated processes in the industry. Monitoring the oil's quality is paramount not only during their production, transportation, and storage phases but also, more importantly,

Seevoice: A comprehensive solution for all your hearing and alerting needs!

We understand that not everyone with hearing loss can benefit from a hearing aid.

Moderate and Severe hearing loss caused due to damage in the auditory nerve or inner ear section,

Material scientists have made tremendous efforts for the miniaturization of computer processors both in the industries and the academic sectors. Here, we have approached a physical limit of silicon technology, where Moore’s law cannot be challenged. In the era of colossal technological advances,

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