The current enclosure of the prototype antenna is somewhat brittle. Replacing the "tube" with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene would make for a much stronger and more reliable enclosure. According to US Plastics of Lima, Ohio, USA; as long as you use virgin UHMW PE,

6G will be much faster than 5G and will use submillimeter waves. On one hand, the higher frequency will support broader bandwidth. On the other hand, because of atmospheric absorption,

To measure, record, and analyze the vibration and movements of the earth, structures, as well as exploration of underground reserves and study the behavior of the structure of the earth layers, this sensor was designed.

Various methods such as changes in resistance, capacitance or electrical induction,

Our project idea is to create an application that will act as a hub for the agricultural activities of a region. Currently, the agriculture sector is facing a severe crisis as a result of recent regulatory changes. These changes have abolished the Open Markets,

To kill the germs on a door handle after every time the door handle is used.

When it comes to spreading germs, the common door handle is a big problem. Harmful germs can easily be picked up by touching an infected door handle.

A smart city is a city that uses various technologies to provide services and solve problems within a city. To keep these technologies running smoothly, a continuous power supply is needed to fulfill the energy demands of the city.

This technology is a new rare earth element (REE) recovery process using a room temperature ionic liquid solution. Current technologies for producing REEs require high temperatures and produce an abundance of toxic fluoride salt waste. These limitations create a need for an environmentally friendly,

All the magic happens when the waves are rectified then added through wiring. Instead of gulping large volumes of potential energy, this design takes many bites causing lower drag and then combines them for a larger output.

According to recent research, light pollution now affects a quarter of the planet’s land surface. The falling cost of lighting and the expansion of human infrastructure are to blame. Human illumination is rising in range and intensity by approximately 2% every year.

Right now, I'm currented working on a desktop model of my Photographic APRO ( Artificial Parallel Reality Orb).

As the name states, it is photographic in nature, but is also the low-tech counterpart to my high-tech ideas in the geometry of invisibility and holodecks,

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