Imagine becoming an expert at activities you have never performed before by simply putting on a pair of glasses. Well, Battelle’s Activity Assistant™ does just that. Using glasses-integrated egocentric computer vision, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence,

Photonect is a photonic interconnect solutions company. The company provides a revolutionary solution for connecting photonic integrated circuits(devices) to optical fibers.

With the advent of AR/VR and video streaming, the need for higher data rates has grown exponentially. To satisfy this need,

Innovation and Applications

We are at the peak of the digitalization age which is making our surroundings smarter every day. There are many initiatives to make the buildings, vehicles, cities, etc., smart. However, we believe that better than making things smart, we need to make them sustainable,

You must have seen notice boards and information boards at various places such as schools, universities, offices, transport hubs, etc. The conventional method involves the use of paper or an entirely separate display system for such purposes respectively. These methods consume resources and time.


In our day to day life engineering interventions are unavoidable, since engineering is well aligned with our lifestyle. A decay back engineering can be differentiate from one stream to another stream; According to world industrial growth,

The Hopper creates an adapted form of mobility for the city, rainproof, comfortable, cheap and environmentally friendly. With a roof, boot and a place for a passenger, our vehicle replaces the car.

Lumotive is empowering a new era in autonomy and augmented reality with tiny, low-cost and ubiquitous lidar (light detection and ranging). Our highly-scalable lidar platform leverages unique beam-steering technology based on patented Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces™

For over 30 years several countries, especially in Latin America and Africa, have been facing increasing epidemic crises caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. However, the methods implemented to fight this species failed to contain the mosquito proliferation,

NDB is a universal lifelong self-charging green battery, it doesn’t run out of charge during the entire lifetime of the device that it powers.

NDB is a safe, green and versatile solution to the globally growing energy demand, made from recycled nuclear waste.

Product Name:VKnighti
Team name: KSKC
Slogan: Ride for fun, see unstoppable

At present, smart wearable devices have become indispensable equipment for modern life. With the popularization of mobile Internet in China, the Internet of Things is also being actively promoted.

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