Water quality is an extremely valuable condition for all forms of life. Sadly, during the last decades, irresponsible consumption and industrialization caused the global issue of water pollution. In addition, poor water quality is damaging entire ecosystems as it contains hazardous chemicals and harmful bacteria.

I present the concept of a laser pumped with electron beams from carbon nanotubes in the process of field emission of electrons. Today, commercial lasers are mainly pumped optically, for example, by coupling to laser diodes or by applying an electrical voltage, such as in laser diodes.

Free-space optical systems are generally used for "last mile" communication and can operate at distances of several kilometers long as long as there is a clear line of sight between the sender and receiver, and the optical receiver can decode the signal of the information transmitted.

In most parts of Africa, there is a lot to be done to achieve proper cold chain management while distributing and storing food, drinks and drugs. On average,

A monitoring system to allow early detection of damage to high tension power lines. Using Acoustical Emission (AE) techniques on high tension power lines for early detection of internal damage or fraying before the cable breaks.

Cable "Galloping" (low frequency, large amplitude, vibration caused by high winds),

A designed product that can grow fresh food anywhere. Our system is called the Automated Hydroponic system where plants are cultivated indoors without soil, controlled using IoT and operated using renewable (solar) energy.

Nano OPS, Inc. is a spinout from Northeastern University with a mission to “democratize” nanomanufacturing, making it more broadly accessible to industry and entrepreneurs.

Light spectra are a very important source of information for manifold applications as, e.g., diverse classification problems for materials discrimination. Aside from this, agricultural and medical applications also came up, which measure the health condition of plants and humans. Despite the growing demand,

Early warning saves lives. This is the motto of FatigPro.

FatigPro is a sensor that detects metal fatigue and issues early warning before catastrophic failure.

And what is metal fatigue? It is what makes bridges fall all of a sudden, what makes trains derail,

Disability in mobility can be a congenital, an acquired problem, or a consequence of disease.

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