Since the creation of the automobile in 1886, automobiles have been moving towards autonomous operation to increase convenience and safety. It began with the automatic transmission, then the invention of automatic windows, and many more innovations. Today, every major OEM is innovating the next generation of automation,

The present invention (called “Smart Charger”) relates to an innovative charging device for any ICE, operating with conventional fuels or biofuels or hydrogen, featuring more efficient, reliable, compact and cheaper than today charging devices (i.e. superchargers or turbochargers).

A short description of “Smart Charged,” from innovation,

Protection from stones and mud kicked up from tires has tended to have a somewhat blunt approach. A flat piece of material is typically placed behind the wheel to block debris, but it also blocks airflow.

Kirat is an electric-powered wheelchair with facilities that can be adjusted according to the user’s needs in terms of balance, the level of comfort, and everyday life requirements.

As more and more industry players and government entities around the world propose, endorse, and enforce sales ban of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE), the big question to be asked is: what will become of the existing ICE vehicles and generators around the world?

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is a key driver towards a sustainable future. It can dramatically improve the safety performance, reduce traffic accidents, and extend vehicle lifetimes. Electronic Control Units (ECUs) contain the critical electronic circuits that enable ADAS.

Background / Context:

Through vivid colors, nature communicates and inspires human beings. Colors bring meaning to life. Technological advances in painting have resulted in man substantially overtaking nature in terms of coloring efficacy. Painting owes its feasibility and viability to organic solvents. These solvents evaporate during the curing period,

The current invention refers to the field of transport and vehicles in general, and it particularly refers to windows and sun shields or anti-glare related to the windows.

More particularly, it consists of a solar protection device for vehicle windows which mobile screen, placed near the window pane,

Revolutionary Astron Omega 1 Rotary Hydrogen Engine

The novel Omega I engine features a high power-to-weight ratio, high rpm capability, low friction and fuel consumption, simplicity (only two rotating assemblies), and can run on both liquid and gaseous fuels.

As a young amateur engineer, I considered the traditional internal combustion engines too large after comparing its combustion volume and the total volume it demands inside a car.

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