UNIMO offers a new level of individual mobility for people with disabilities.

The car complies with the M1 category, so it can be used on public roads.

Water enters the combustion chamber and separates into hydrogen and oxygen and explosion occurs.

No friction. No lubrication system.

Fuel -- Water, Steam, compressed air, alcohol, biofuel, hydrogen, natural gas, gasoline,

"Vacuum (Negative Energy)" as Shock Damping Energy Source.

It uses the “Contraction Force of Vacuum” as potential damping energy.

In order for the “Negative Energy(Vacuum)” to function as Shock Damping Force, it inversely structured the location of where Damping Energy is stored.

A valveless fickett-jacobs cycle internal detonation engines that boasts pure isochoric constant volume heat addition, giving them the world's highest efficiency for a given stroke to bore ratio. Using a modernized scotch yoke with new technology.

The relationship between manufacturers and countries around the world from 1979 with environmental emissions laws as well as the globalization of manufacturing showed that not everyone due to their domestic economies can have the same product worldwide. The same applies to CO emissions;

Vehicle Door Protector (patented) - as its name implies, is a simple to use device that prevents dents dings, and scratches of most types of automobiles - car, truck, van, etc...

Some of its features are: It's water-proof, lightweight, and doesn't use any magnet,

Presented in Fig 1 is an overview of a Constant Speed, Infinitely Variable Semi-tractor transmission which utilizes an Angular Motion Translator (AMT, US 6,547,689) to control a Variable Displacement System (VDS, US 9,890,638) (or Hydraulic Pump) coupled to a Hydraulic Motor.

The Variable Displacement System (see Fig.

We have designed a modification for conventional diesel engines that provides a dramatic reduction of internal friction by rotating the cylinder liner.

This information and video overview of the TEPStm MOG Canal Boat describes a 35 year working solar vessel that is privately owned and precisely matches the four words above. We seek to have designers, engineers, corporations, agencies,

The Gator is an intermediate trailer that houses batteries and an electric motor to instantly convert any semi-tractor into a plug-in hybrid.

The Gator will revolutionize the transportation and shipping industry to quickly convert many tractors to run mostly on grid power.

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