Present technology for cooling a piston throughout the entire engine operating range is to supply crankcase oil for cooling through the piston oil nozzle assembly explicitly to satisfy the worst case engine operating conditions. Unnecessary high pumping power is required to circulate the engine oil used for cooling.

The 21st century is the future. And this future must be better than the past. The car was invented in the 19th century, the helicopter at the beginning of the 20th.

Most car wheel diameters are in the range of 14 to 19 inches with such car following is submitted.

For a car with wheel diameter 14 inch (radius R= 17.8 cm) ,Circumference = 2πR, then the circumference is 111.78 cm or 1.11 meter.

We are developing an advanced phase change based passive battery pack for EV applications. Regions like india where summer temperature reaches 45 degrees needs better thermal management solutions which enhance the adoption for technology. We came up with passive cooled battery pack. These battery packs enhance battery life, safety,

Laminated Bamboo Car: Vehicles made out of a renewable material.

It can be built with a chassis made completely out of glued bamboo composites, from pre-cut kits or shared patterns, using locally-grown sustainable materials, with low-tech tools. A 15-minute You Tube video is available,

Maglev trains are a very popular topic because of their high speed, energy efficiency and capacity of passengers. However, in today's world, Maglev trains are very expensive technologies with very low applicability rate compared to other types of transportation methods. Also,

The Problem: Under-Inflated Tires

Tire failure
The International Tire and Rubber Association reported to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) that under-inflation was the “single most common” factor in tire failure.

This is a novel internal combustion engine utilizing a unique multi-link configuration. This solves problems achieving variable compression and extremely long stroke, when combined yields high volumetric efficiency, significantly reduced engine size, higher torque, and fuel efficiency. Benefits include use of lower cost fuels,

Unnecessary waiting at traffic signals wastes time and fuel, and pollutes the air. A responsive traffic signal mitigates these problems by passing the maximum number of vehicles through an intersection in the least amount of time. Cameras pointed down each road are used to count the approaching vehicles,

The presented engine design with an external piston combines the advantages of a classic engine with a gas turbine, i.e. high efficiency, low weight and small dimensions. It is a multi-fuel engine and it allows the use of high pressure compressed gases.

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