A concept has been developed for the year 2050 that shows the possibility of people connecting to each other through means of transport that is a shared mobility.

The prime deficiency of a pneumatic tire is its dependence on air. A tire that has lost enough pressure to become distorted affects fuel efficiency and the stability of the vehicle. A flat tire can damage the wheel and possibly the vehicle,

The commercial trucking industry is a major source of carbon emissions worldwide. The emissions depend directly on the efficiency of the powertrain that is handled by drivers who care more about reducing trip time and driving comfort than about the environment. Since,

The new EDM (electric drive module) design works with any and all vehicles that have standard front, rear, or all wheel drive. The unit mounted behind the engine under the vehicle adds a high torque, highly efficient electric drive unit that works in conjunction with the vehicles gas engine.

No, it is not a 200 miles per gallon carburetor, nor a secret fuel additive. ValueGauge is a unique electronic display to advise drivers of driving habits that yield the best Value for fuel expense and time and avoid Waste.

DOWSIL™ TC-4060 represents a step change in thermal management in automotive electronics, especially important in electric vehicles. Newer power electronics mandates improved efficiency, long-life and safety.

The current braking system solely relies on the friction of tires. Fatal accidents on roads happen when the brake system fails to generate enough friction. In other words, the resultant force wasn’t strong enough to resist the momentum of a car.

The friction, unlike the shock damping,

Cars are equipped with Advanced Safety Technologies, and when the cars collide with objects these Safety Shock Damping Apparatuses come into action.

Shock Damping Starts from the Bumper then to the Body Frame(Crumple Zone), and then to the Airbags, and the Seatbelts.

Automobile displays such as engine temperature and oil pressure are being displaced by audible alarms and readouts on monitors with a simple digital readout for MPH. For the few applications that use a tachometer,

The community welcomes their SULO Bins almost everywhere worldwide. These bins are seen as a very appreciated service and hold great credibility for what tasks they perform. Such SULO Bins are therefore the ideal community service to add a lid with greenhouse gas capture benefits to reduce the methane,

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