This revolutionary rotary engine combines a simple structure and 2 cycle efficiency. The engine is composed of very few parts with no moving valves and no reciprocating pistons. It could be adapted to run on clean energy sources such as Hydrogen.

We present the electrocar designed for both personal and commercial use. We consider it to be a commercially viable project as we have already built the prototype and successfully presented it at the local exhibitions and forums.

Evera is inspired by aesthetics of future,

Now is the time to build new infrastructure and transform the way we travel. Engineers are creating autonomous self-driving vehicles that could produce a transit service that is convenient and low-cost. Combine that with the emergence of electric vehicles of all types,

Sandwich Drones use sandwich theory to significantly increase payload capabilities for transportation. Sandwich theory significantly increases strength while significantly reducing overall weight. This will allow for larger drones to be built (scaled) while minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

MinervaS provides a suite of integrated solutions for smart & future mobility, from driving advisors (TruckY) to fleet management tools, all tailored to the vehicle and size of the customer's business.

TruckY is the ADAS plug &

This innovation relates to the field of rotary internal combustion engines. This is new type of rotary engines (VSD- engines, hereinafter VSD) which use detonation type of combustion and three thermodynamic cycles (intake-detonation-exhaust). VSD was designed at 2018-2019 (Rotary-vane mechanism for engines and compressors.

The Sowda mechanism is intended to be added to conventional internal combustion engines (ICE). By adding the Sowda mechanism to any ICE, the ICE will have the attributes of continuously variable compression (cVCR ) and true-Atkinson. The.


This system works by disrupting the surface tension of water that 1, forms a wedge under a tire due to a combination of velocity and water depth on the road/runway surface (Dynamic Hydroplaning) and 2, aerosolizing the thin layer of water on oil film that forms on paved

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Rotating TIRES Generate Piezoelectricity By Providing Built-In Piezoelectric Transducers In An Array Of Flexible Load-Bearing Structures Made From Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) Filled With Crystals,

We are currently experiencing a time of technological transition in the trucks market. Both the way in which we transport the loads (vehicles driven in person, autonomously or remotely), as well as the energy matrix to be used (vehicles powered by combustion, electricity, hydrogen, etc.).

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