Over the past several years we have been inventing a new internal combustion engine called the shock wave engine. Compared with the traditional engine's 30-40% efficiency, this shock wave engine would be in the range of 70% and higher.

A dog can lift its hind leg just by thought.

Cars will now have the same ability to lift any or all the wheels off the ground with just the push of a button.

Should you have a flat tire,

Betterfrost’s solution defrosts and defogs Electric Vehicles’ windshields with 20 times less power than current technology and extends the range of an EV by 38 km on an average commute in winter. This range is worth $600/vehicle in battery pack cost to automakers. Our system provides high-voltage,

In 1978, I invented a new method of timing such four-stroke engines, and as a student graduating from the department of combustion engines at the University of Techology Krakow, inspired, I was given the opportunity to do my diploma thesis at the university,

When there is the need to change the blade pitch of the propeller of a helicopter, there is the problem of the strong natural coupling of the rotation of the regulating shaft with the rotation of the propeller hub, which in fact is a carrier.

A system is proposed for converting any vehicle into a hybrid (from the components shown in Figure 1) with a set of functions close to the technology "mild hybrid.

Large companies like Google Waymo, General Motors, Amazon and others are investing billions of dollars in Robotaxi development, but they are missing two very important facts:

A large part of the future passengers will be very hesitant to share ride with strangers in a car without a driver,

The Hawk Aerocar

Ever since people have gazed into the sky and wondered as birds soared overhead, mankind has desired to fly – to take off by themselves and fly to any destination they wanted. This is now possible and without congested airport and overbooked planes.

The innovation introduces a Hybrid Transmission System (the System).

Unlike other mild hybrid configurations, which only enable the administration of TORQUE available from the hybrid set (e.g., internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric machine (EM)), this new mechanism allows TORQUE and RPM to be managed,

This innovation relates to the field of opposed piston internal combustion engines (OP-ICE) having two pistons in one cylinder configured to have facing heads. Specifically,

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