A new wind turbine rotor featuring greater wind transparency and simplified blade shapes. Such forms make it possible to arrange the production of blades of large wind turbines without the use of manual labor. Usually, due to the complex profile of the blades,

PBI deployable parabolic antenna systems present a new paradigm in satellite communications enabling (very) large aperture antennas used even with cubesats.

The antennas are based on shape memory materials ‘married’ to heat pipe technology.

Paper industry has significantly contributed to deforestation, accounting for approximately 14% of global deforestation each year, additionally, paper consumption continues to rise, with an estimated 400 million tons of paper and cardboard being produced globally in 2020 alone. To put this into perspective,

The Advanced Drive Cycle Generation Device project aims to develop an innovative device that generates realistic and representative drive cycles for accurate vehicle performance assessment and fuel consumption analysis. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, data analytics, and artificial intelligence techniques,

Existing three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies, whether polymer-based or metal-based, can only produce only-plastic structures or only-metal structures, which severely limits the application of additive manufacturing technologies (AM) in electronics such as IOT, ICT, and robotics.

The project "Design and Development of an Automated Poultry Feeding System using Microcontroller-based SmartFlock Technology" aims to revolutionize poultry farming practices by introducing an innovative automated feeding system. The project addresses the challenges associated with manual feeding processes in poultry farms, such as labor-intensive tasks,

A multi-rotor wind turbine called the G-VAWT (Gyro Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) was created to support SDG Goal 7, which is concerned with developing affordable and sustainable energy sources. When it comes to controlled power output and consistency, this cutting-edge vertical turbine outperforms conventional wind turbines.

The I-5 and I-84 Realignment and Additional Access into the Area

The I-5 and I-84 interchange in Portland Oregon is the worse congested and most accidents for the state.

The cup is made of chitin and contains compartments containing chitin-degrading enzymes ('chitanases').

Enzyme compartments have small openings to the outside of the cup.

Enzymes are initially in a dried (‘lyophilized’) state and are inactive.

Upon exposure to water in the environment (such as a landfill),

We present a wearable and stretchable ultrasonic imager for continuous, real-time assessment of cardiac function. It maintains functionality even when bent, wrapped around a small object, or subjected to stress, which is unprecedented. The imager's stretchable property ensures seamless contact with the skin,

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