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Wind and solar energy are the two most abundant renewable energy sources on the planet. Current state of the art solar panels and wind generators are bulky, expensive and difficult to transport and deploy.

Many people have jobs that require copious amounts of typing. Standard keyboards facilitate disorders such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and repetitive stress injuries. The reoccurring motion involved in typing puts strain on the nerves and tendons in the hands, leaving many unable to do their jobs.

Present patent pending innovation provides a quick and convenient method for punching holes through paper and other sheets to be arranged in file.
Hand operated hole punch machines are used to punch holes through the paper sheets or stack of sheets.

Super-simple Description: A portable device that records data(video/audio) all the time, so that you don’t miss a thing.

‘X’ is a suite of modular devices intended to achieve the 3 following aims:
To record and catalog almost any type of audio/visual experience seamlessly,

Just like us, our kids are searching for the perfect all-in-one device. They want something that lets them play games, talk to their friends, manage their schedules, and document the things that are important to them. Enter the Nintendo DSi Cell Phone Extender.

We are creating a venture referred to as ZEFCOT. ZEFCOT stands for Zero Energy, Environmentally Friendly Community Of Today. The goal of ZEFCOT is to prove that an extremely energy efficient housing subdivision can yield greater profits for the developer and builders while providing a very durable, comfortable,

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