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Modern high-efficiency light bulbs such as compact fluorescents and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs look very different from conventional, vintage, or antique incandescents. However, sometimes, the appearance of an incandescent bulb, with its glowing filament is highly desirable.

This invention addresses the $ 1 Billion USD annual storm water back up damage to finished basements and below grade construction that occurs during power outages when the AC pump cannot operate and DC battery back up pumps are unable to operate for long durations (usually 1-3 hours

This is a high end audio system intended as a jukebox system but capable of being the central computer for a mobile life. It has stereo sound with 15 watts per channel in a sealed cabinet design.

This is a laptop.

Getting into more detail, this is a mockup of a personal device or laptop that is designed with the general idea of suiting to each person's different wants and needs. By looking at the success of many products like the iPhone,

i-Think (The Auto Brain)

Problem Description

Safety and economical fuel consumption are the two biggest challenges faced by the automobile industry. On individual capacity a vehicle owner will want a system that can reduce the fuel consumption and enhance the safety factors.

There are two main types of incubators in common use today: Still Air and Forced Air Incubators. Both incubate eggs in an enclosed environment such as a styrofoam cooler, carefully controlling heat and humidity.

The product line consists of power tool carrying/storage cases with integral features which quickly convert the portable power tools to the functioal equivalent of bench mounted power tools. The enhanced cases quickly mount and clamp to a portable tool cart which provides a transportable, stable, ergonomic work structure.

The In Wall iPhone Media Station or iWIMS, has embraced the iPhone generation and provides an effective and attractive alternative to iPhone docks in Home, Work, and Travel environments. iWIMS is a flush wall mount iPhone/iPod dock that provides recharging capabilities,

Virtually everyone has had the experience of placing a pot of water onto the heating element of a kitchen range,

Most of the small flashlights available on the market produce a focused beam of light suitable of pointing it in one direction and illuminating very small area. While camping or working in dark places like basement or attic it is more beneficial to have portable ambient light source.

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