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Cooling beverage (soft drink or beer) inside the can without using a refrigerator or ice or cooling box. A stored cooling gas in the can will be release to cool down the beverage when the person ready to have a cold one.

Many people do not realize that you can prevent a toilet from overflowing simply by kneeling next to the toiling and closing the water inlet valve by hand. Often they believe their only option is to plunge the toilet before it overflows.

Instrument A-B Connection Box

Current implementations of instrument A-B switching devices use either an push-on/push-off maintained connection push-button foot switch, or various unnecessarily complex electronic means to do a simple switching function.

These devices have some disadvantages.
(e.g., No indication of,

Thinking of reducing your household and office (cubical) energy consumptions? The Intelligent Energy Manager is exactly what one might be looking for. This is an Electronic Energy Meter integrated with GSM modem, a mobile SIM and an electronic control unit. i-Energy manager provides full cell phone connectivity ,

The idea for our product came up when we noticed at our faculty that there were too many light bulbs turned on in spaces where there was nobody present.

The Interlocking Electrical Test Probes affords an electrician or electrical technician the choice of joined test probes, operable with one hand or two separate un-joined test probes, operable with one probe in each hand. This versatility is accomplished by means of interlocking ends on each test probe.

At the moment there are two major companies touting IPTV around, AT&T and Verizon with their cable tv products U-Verse and FIOS respectively. But these systems fail to really pull the plug from cable, and utilize the IP protocol that could revolutionize television.

IPTV could be more useful,

The watch that does it all, finally, you can watch tv, store data, make and receive phone calls. Video conference calls, photo's, music, internet, business. All this and no pockets or pouches, no more wondering, "were is that phone". No more running to catch a call.

This product moves a towel while drying to keep it from stiffening.
A pressure sensor or load-cell may detect when a towel has been replaced on the rack. Then, at certain times, the rod is moved, imparting motion to the towel.
For the S-curve design,

Ark is a ladder specially designed for kids between 3 and 12, for every time they need to get toys, but they can't. The challenge for this product was to design a one piece ladder and do it in one process for economy and low weight.

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