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Most home owners have a ladder. When they need to use it, it is typically difficult to access; when not needed it is usually in the way. In either case, it often poses a safety hazard. LadderBack was invented to solve a ladder storage problem. With a LadderBack system,

With the more and more of the population becoming obese, we have become a very health conscious nation and exercise equipment is a hot seller. They lazy gym solves many of customers excuses of why they can't exercise such as I can't afford a gym membership,

The "Level with Built-in Line Drawing Mechanism" is a simple improvement to the standard carpenter's level to enable easy line marking. Often when standing on a ladder, trying to hold a level still, and then attempting to scribe a line on the wall,

I like metal, glass, and modern items, incorporated in this refrigerator design. It's so useful and colorful (sweet colored) and stylish, i think. This refrigerators can be build any design, offering variety... Refrigerators have various racks and handles.

Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and other pain causing diseases are some of the most worried about issues facing workers today. Carpal Tunnel has a prevalence rate in the United States of fifty to around a hundred per one thousand tested.

The invention provides a single microspherical fiber system which can generate multiple laser outputs. It includes a laser beam at the input end for pumping the system and an output end for the desired laser lines.

Phantom Power, nominally +12 to +48 Volts DC,
is used to power Condenser Microphones.
The "Phantom" aspect refers to the presence of the voltage
on both signal pins (2 &

Current implementations of MICROPHONE mute switches use either a momentary or a maintained connection push-button foot switch, an in-line shorting switch at or in the microphone connector, or a switch within the microphone body itself.

We have found that often we put something in the microwave, start it, walk away, and get distracted only to find rotting food in the microwave the next day. One problem is that the light in the microwave is only on during the heating of the food,

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) has gained enormous popularity to access and transmit multimedia content for personal and commercial purposes. MMS is becoming increasingly important to cell phone communication applications, including personalized audios, videos, photographs, product advertisements, marketing, medical technology, and many others. However,

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