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The DynaVac is a tool that I invented, developed, applied for a patent on, and marketed mainly to Broadcast Television & Radio stations worldwide to be used to clean electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies better and quicker than traditional methods. In its simplest terms,

This machine's concept is one of the non-traditional machining concepts, machining technique based on electrolysis in which metal is tooled in an anodic way and locally dissolved.

Massive Nibble© needs your vote so we can help feed the world by using our solar-powered Zero Pollution Engine™ in farm tractors and other machinery. Together, we can help feed the world with farm equipment that doesn't pollute and costs almost nothing to operate.

Today, fish fillets pin bone removal is a manual process that is labor intensive and can result in painful and permanent carpel tunnel injury for workers. Automated systems can only be used in post rigor mortis situations, and depending on the fish species.

The idea behind Flexible Gear design is to be able to engage and disengage (without grinding gears or destroying equipment) two gears using only Flexible Gears. Even though these gears would be used for light or medium duty operations,

The function of our production is ‘floor cleaning’. From market survey, we found out two main aspects here:
1. Labour
2. Power usage as we need to use as low as we can.

An apparatus and method for capturing 3 dimensional tomographically registered full spectrum computer digitized images of internal structures of specimens is described. Instrument Collected 2D data slices are later processed to create extremely intricate 3D models in full color.

This is spur gear involute calculator.

Most of the spur gears are made up from gear hobbing technique.

With the development of technology nowadays gears are made from CNC (Computerised Numerical Controlled) machining.

My all-season ATV track conversion kits convert the rear ATV tires to a tank-like tread system. The track system provides greater contact with the ground, increasing stability and reducing the chance of the ATV from flipping back onto the rider, which may result in serious injuries.

A high pressure, permanent tube fitting and installation tool has been developed, as well as a serviceable, threaded fitting, to seal high or low pressure fluids and gasses. The installation tool (HFU or Hydraulic Fusing Unit), can generate over 7 tons of output force,

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