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High-Flow Lift Pump

In fighting wildfires, and in many other applications, there is a need to lift water a few feet, say from a creek or river, to fill a header tank or mobile water tender. Particularly in firefighting,

One of the biggest problems with any device that needs an electric motor is the faster a motor turns and the more torque that is required,

Mag-Lift Handle
Problem: When moving or lifting furniture and appliance items, difficulty occurs when there is no handle on a flat metal surface. The item may not be too heavy to lift, just awkward. Some items, such as file cabinets,

The Problem
Friction is the world's single biggest waste of energy. New polymeric and nano-composite bearing material “recipes” promise substantial friction reducing solutions. However, their development and application are often hindered by current tribological (the study of lubrication, friction and wear) test systems,

This design presents a method for containing oil from a subsea oil blowout. An apparatus constructed from this design will mitigate the spread of oil slicks from subsea oil blowouts, with the benefit of allowing oil exploration to proceed with diminished risk of environmental damage.

Power electronics as the controllers of speed are used for the velocity control of motors in the petroleum operations.
Because the extraction pumps are at extreme depths is required that this equipment is fed by an electrical system of median tension.
The transformer,

Relying on the good chemical and temperature stability, optical properties, biocompatibility, sterilizing ability and the possibility to be cleaned easily of glasses, micro-structured glass parts are applied in many fields with billions of dolloars potential market. However,

Our micro robot – patent approved - is 5 x 5 mm small and holds a diamond. It moves with sub-micrometer precision in 3D space. The diamond drills holes, polishes mirrors, grinds lenses, cuts channels and mills 3-D parts of any shape.


This concept drilling method is a great improvement over the present technology.

Currently while drilling takes place if there is a leak it will flow directly into the sea causing environment pollution.

We need the right filter in every sphere of life, have a dream for a universal filter which is user & environmently friendly, applicable everywhere changing minimum parts or consumables to reduced inventory, variable of filtration, finer to faster, helps worker to put valuable time and attention to productivity,

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