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Introduction The concepts that I would like to present are a thermal-magnetic motor and a planetary transmission that operates off a set of calipers, instead of a band.

The Solar Forge is comprised of a large parabola section reflector, a carriage, and a target. The parabola concentrates sunlight, the carriage allows the parabola to track the sun, and the target makes the resulting heat available for a practical purpose.

The third generation modular Universal Flight Controller (UFC-3) was designed for the high end amateur high power rocketeer, primarily flights above 60,000' and for FAA Class III Rocketry.

This proposal relates to conceptual design of "valved two stroke engine with extended expansion". In a four stroke engine, power stroke occurs once in a two rotation whereas in a two stroke power stroke occurs once in each rotation.

Imagine having a ball with an input shaft and an output shaft that you can move to almost any position and still supply a constant power to the output shaft, even while moving.

It's easy to find a 90 degree gearbox.

Variable ratio chain drives (derailleurs) are extremely efficient, but suffer from several problems:

1. They should not be shifted under load.
2. They should not be shifted while stopped.
3. The chain is side loaded for most gear combinations, limiting the useful combinations.

At present ,the high demand of dry food is very high and the process used commonly becomes very expensive to supply her involving high costs in machinery and qualified personnel.

Water Mortar Currently fire suppression systems use water at a flow rate of 750 to 1500 gpm. This causes alot of atomization, as a 1500 gpm flow is traveling at 120 mph, as it leaves a 1in nozzle. In a hot fire,

The Problem:
Diesel engines were invented more than one hundred years ago. Continuous refinements have made diesels cleaner, quieter and more powerful. Nevertheless, the basic principles of operation and overall design remain unchanged. For this reason, diesel engines retain several shortcomings they have always had.

The invention is meant to replace the optical zoom.

Optical zoom is an expensive, heavy and complicated device with over 100 parts. Some other drawbacks are: long development times, very complex optical calculations, the large number of the lenses and it can't be miniaturized.

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