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Rolling COMBS FLAT MULTI Rullatici machines currently in use are made of tool rooms where there are housing-combs roll geometries that in most cases are threads in metric units or English. In this case, the adjustments that will produce perfect geometry and finishing details,

The human power tractor allow a man or several to move very large weights. A solid back axle with two 64" tractor tires and a 16" gear.

We are seeing a tremendous increase in efficiency of vehicles by using diesel and electricity in a hybrid configuration.

Perhaps this is time to combine the natural gas many have available at our home and which is a produce if the USA, for home power.

In todays scenario, manufacturing systems must compete in increasingly diverse and demanding markets which is price and quality sensitive. Customers demand quick response to their needs, and products have shorter life cycles than ever before.

The Inter - Nodal Connector Architecture [INCA] (REG.U.S.PAT.OFF. #6,869,246) provides a Universal, one-piece-part dynamic assembly system capable of constructing complex frameworks of any kind which can then be completely collapsed to a fraction of their original volumes, moved to remote locations,

This is an intelligent bend machine for steel rod and wire that detect the bend error (spring effect) and automatically makes the correction.
The machines have a wireless system that can communicate with all the computers in the factory, sending and receiving information about the process in real time,

In the current situation, transportation is very essential for human life. Everyone needs to move around the Earth for their daily needs. And they expect fastest and cheapest transportation. Among transportation methods, air way is the very fastest. We can round the Earth within a day.

In the wake of the BP oil spill, this device can be used to contain the oil from deep sea drilling blowouts.

This design presents a method for preventing vehicles from corroding each other. As experienced by most of people that two cars are driven on the road,

My entry is a remote controlled laser sight that indicates the position of the forks on a forklift. (Source http://www.forklifttrainingsite.com.

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