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Those who work with wheelbarrows even if only occasionally, know that moving loads about in this way can be hard work and even cause injury.

This is a rough drawing to show my idea. It consists of a machine that would be lowered over a semi straight area of the 21" diameter pipe. A hinged clamp would then be rotated around and bolts would be tightened.

CAT (car adaptive tender)
It’s a mobile phone cradle that transforms your mobile into a personal car digital assistant.
The idea comes from the need of having a companion when you’re alone in your car.

The U.S. is the largest user of energy and also has vast deposits of coal. Existing methods of producing electricity from coal has the problem of releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which increases global warming.

Clothing Creator is an automated manufacturing process to fabricate clothing without direct human labor. The process can go from bolt of cloth to finished garment in a 45 second cycle. This volume oriented,

With reference to the BP oil spill, this containment cap can be made quickly from readily available materials, and be used to temporarily (until relief wells can be completed) stop the flow of oil and gas from the well head.

The Altus manufacturing method utilizes a patented spool movement system (US #7132027) to braid and consolidate composite grid poles (see www.isotruss.com). While multiple grid pole designs are possible, they are all stronger than any conventional pole currently in the market such as wood, concrete, steel, composite,

System can effectively detect an input and output voltage and adjust the transformer to give the required output voltage for the process. Should include multiple layers of protection including, but not limited to, overvoltage, undervoltage and surge protection.

Cooling of bipolar plates in fuel cell systems affects the performance of the fuel cell directly and also provides system stability. It ensures dynamic response of fuel cell systems to launch innovative environment-friendly products on the market, which plays an important role regarding greenhouse effect and global warming.

Control system software testing is done to determine if a program will correctly meet its specifications and not perform unintended functions. For machinery OEMs, large portions of the software testing process are completed during machine commissioning.

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