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A practical solution to sealing the Gulf’s Deepwater Horizon’s Leak and the Tool that needs to be in the future toolbox of oil and other companies.

Described is a practical, fully robotic solution for the Gulf’s Deepwater Horizon’s well leak. This solution could be configured to the existing well leak and could be built within days with the right resources available. The solution relies on a mechanical seal and a fluid bypass that can operate and be deployed at the required pressures 5000 ft below the sea.

The President of BP, Mr. Tony Hayward said that they did not have the right tools in their box for this type of an incident. The Apparatus described is a new tool ...

Nanotech Manufacturing Techniques for High Temperature Superconductivity

Current high temperature superconductors are based on a copper-oxide lattice with two different interstitial atoms, typically rare earth, spaced in adjacent lattice cells. This configuration, formed naturally when stochiometric quantities of the raw ingredients are baked in an oxygen atmosphere, is superconductive slightly above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen, but substantially below room temperature. See Figure 1.
The theory of superconductivity, notably the BCS theory, considers that electrons join in couples or longer trains along the copper-oxide lattice framework. These electrons interact with the outermost electrons in the d-orbitals of the lattice. Asynchronous atomic vibration of the lattice atoms (increased temperature) or high external magnetic ...

This device may be used as a valve or as an adjustable restriction orifice that allows control the fluid flow in a pipe.
The benefits of this device are:
It has an incipient cavitation coefficient very close to 1 (1.05) that lets to get very high pressure drops without cavitation.
The construction simplicity.
Actually in the market there are different devices to control the flow by throttling, as the globe, butterfly or ball valves and the restriction orifices, but all of them have incipient cavitation coefficients much more greater than 1. Only it´s possible to approach to 1 with very sophisticated and expensive valves that divide the flow in many streams.
So the rotary perforated disc EMA-1 may compete ...

Motor, Electrical, Alternate current , hi impedance.

Rotary converter:

(1)Method to operate a 3PH motor in simil to rotophase mode operation but at specific hi impedance to create a low
loss energy transformation from the electrical energy source to mechanical one, term = (Rotoconversion) electrical energy to mechanical energy conversion with extreme low power loss and hi energy savings.

(2)Current art:

Most normal Motors operate at low impedance resulting in a total energy waste under variable loading , motor wastes power no matter what way is loaded in its range of power output .


Standard 1HP motor consumes on ...

Moving water from an available reservoir source to a distant storage location for irrigation distribution, or other use, without incurring high initial system costs, installation expenses and recurring operational costs is a fundamental problem found throughout the world; in particular Ethiopia, Niger and other drought stricken areas. One method of overcoming these problems is outlined in this technical brief.

There have been a variety of developments over the years involving the use of Solar Energy to accomplish water pumping for irrigation and other uses with the use of Solar Stirling Hot Air Engines among these, however it appears no viable low cost, easy to use, portable products are commercially available.

This proposal presents a stand alone, self powered, low ...

The solution to the current oil blowout within the Gulf is quite simple if you think outside the box. What we need is an elegant design that can fit over any broken oil pipe of any diameter at any angle at any depth. One solution to most underwater oil blowouts is to integrate two existing technologies such as the remotely piloted underwater vehicle and a retention clamp. With the integration of both technologies, the clamp embedded on the remote controlled vehicle can maneuver to the broken pipe and clamp over the leakage controlling the oil spill. The retention clamp is composed of an articulated mechanism that can contract over an exposed pipe with a mechanical clutch assembly similar to ...

Many inlets, estuaries, and wetlands suffer from a common heritage: contaminated sediment. Scientists are only now beginning to realize that old, contaminated sediments covered with new, clean sediments does not mitigate ongoing damage from the buried sediments. For example, fish flies burrow 5 - 10cm into the bottom of rivers and lakes, and spend two years there before emerging for a few days to mate and reproduce on land. When they emerge from the sediment, significant amounts of buried contaminants are released, leading to algae blooms, oxygen depletion, and fish kills in areas where the use of contaminated storm water runoff is already regulated.

Directional drilling was developed in the oil drilling industry, and uses specialized downhole equipment to ...

Stationary computer without the big box:

Many people use a laptop instead of a traditional stationary computer just for saving space. They use it on their desk just as a desktop and do not change the location even if it is possible.

Mostly this is more expensive than a desktop computer and you are stuck with a relative small monitor.

As you anyway have to use a keyboard, you could as well build the electronics into the keyboard as one unit. The laptop computers around shows that making electronics small enough is not an issue, so all that are needed, for instance wlan, blue toot and so on, could be placed in the keyboard shell.

You have to add ...

My tapless insert design allows solid body threaded inserts to be installed into simple drilled holes. Installation of the insert requires pressing the insert into the hole and using a bolt and washer to pre-load the insert. By eliminating the need to tap each hole this could save companies at least 50% in manufacturing time. It also cuts the time needed to install the inserts.

Current solid body inserts have a threaded outside diameter. To install them you must first pre-drill a hole, then tap the hole. The insert is then threaded into the hole and secured using hammer driven pins and/or thread locking epoxy.

Inserts, such as Keenserts are very commonly used in the aerospace and vibration testing ...

Short description of the invention:

(See figure 1)
This is a temporary plug for a leaky underwater pipe.

First construct a 2 grid system that can be placed on top of each other. The grids will need to be strong enough to be stationary over the flow from the leak and can even be contoured to the shape of the pipe. The lower grid will fit inside the hole.

Once the lower grid is inside the hole extend the lower extensions by hydraulic or lever swing so the extended portion catch the ID of the pipe around the hole.

Tighten the screw down which tightens the lower grid to the upper grid system and visa versa pinching the edge ...

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