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A practical solution to sealing the Gulf’s Deepwater Horizon’s Leak and the Tool that needs to be in the future toolbox of oil and other companies.

Described is a practical, fully robotic solution for the Gulf’s Deepwater Horizon’s well leak.

Nanotech Manufacturing Techniques for High Temperature Superconductivity

Current high temperature superconductors are based on a copper-oxide lattice with two different interstitial atoms, typically rare earth, spaced in adjacent lattice cells. This configuration,

This device may be used as a valve or as an adjustable restriction orifice that allows control the fluid flow in a pipe.

Motor, Electrical, Alternate current , hi impedance.

Rotary converter:

(1)Method to operate a 3PH motor in simil to rotophase mode operation but at specific hi impedance to create a low
loss energy transformation from the electrical energy source to mechanical one,

Moving water from an available reservoir source to a distant storage location for irrigation distribution, or other use, without incurring high initial system costs, installation expenses and recurring operational costs is a fundamental problem found throughout the world; in particular Ethiopia, Niger and other drought stricken areas.

The solution to the current oil blowout within the Gulf is quite simple if you think outside the box. What we need is an elegant design that can fit over any broken oil pipe of any diameter at any angle at any depth.

Many inlets, estuaries, and wetlands suffer from a common heritage: contaminated sediment. Scientists are only now beginning to realize that old, contaminated sediments covered with new, clean sediments does not mitigate ongoing damage from the buried sediments. For example,

Stationary computer without the big box:

Many people use a laptop instead of a traditional stationary computer just for saving space. They use it on their desk just as a desktop and do not change the location even if it is possible.

My tapless insert design allows solid body threaded inserts to be installed into simple drilled holes. Installation of the insert requires pressing the insert into the hole and using a bolt and washer to pre-load the insert.

Short description of the invention:

(See figure 1)
This is a temporary plug for a leaky underwater pipe.

First construct a 2 grid system that can be placed on top of each other.

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