Robomotic is developing a product called EMMA (Elder Mobile Monitoring Assistant), a health care platform designed for autonomous monitoring of the elders.
Across the developed world,

Seventy-six percent of the US population wears some sort of visual aid device. Focusing long-term on a close-range object (such as a book or computer monitor) often leads to eye muscle atrophy. This problem affects a rapidly-increasing number of people,

Feel the view
It looks like a camera, but, it enhances life for the severely visual impaired, (Blind). Imagine if you will the difficulty of navigating in a world of total darkness. Now suppose you were given a hand held, in one fist,

There are an estimated 800,000 needlestick and other sharps related injuries each year in the US alone. Accidental needle stick injuries endanger the lives of medical professionals who may contract blood borne diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, from contaminated needles.

HSOA puts human health care at the center of its preoccupation. Nowadays, people let their health worsen for many reasons: waste of time in emergency rooms, too few medical workers, fear or feeling ashamed to take medical tests. As a result,

High Plains Technology Group was formed to develop new equipment for orthopedic medicine. We polled a number of orthopedic surgeons and asked them to pose their most difficult problem. The vast majority described problems with surgical fasteners.

The left-ventricular stroke volume (or stroke volume, for short) is how much volume of blood the heart pumps with each heart beat. Stroke volume is important because it is a direct indicator of heart efficiency and health. Today,

A number of technologies are available that allow hydrophilic drugs to be absorbed through the skin rather than the GI tract. Transdermal delivery through the skin has a number of advantages over oral delivery, including better absorption,

The ImTEC system is a cognitive assessment tool comprised of a head mounted display and handset. The device is used to carry out early testing for Alzheimer’s disease and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI).

The inflatable clean room is meant to be a simply and rapidly deployed structure that provides maximum isolation/containment or isolation/protection from viral, bacterial, or chemical agents that could be encountered in areas where protection measures cannot be provided by conventional institutional facilities.

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