Stimulation Waveform and System for Polarity Independent Cardiac Resynchronization

Cardiac resynchronization by electrical stimulation can increase heart performance and avoid the need for heart transplantation for patients with heart failure. Resynchronization is achieved with electric pulses delivered from multiple electrodes in multiple regions of the heart. When conventional cardiac stimulation pulse waveforms are used, the anodal electrode is less efficient and has higher stimulation threshold than cathodal electrode. This results in either a higher stimulation strength setting in order to exceed the higher anodal threshold required if the generator is attached in bipolar mode in order to use both electrodes to stimulate two regions of the heart. Likewise, it could result in wasted application of energy if the generator ...

The main objective of a “Talking Box with Message Display” is to provide an effective method of communication through voice messages to the speech challenged and also to display the message on an LCD screen. This device employs a Voice coder to store and play back the voice messages, a PIC microcontroller that facilitates for displaying the messages on screen
The motivation for this device came up after interacting with speech challenged kids who are under the age of eight years. These kids cannot speak, read or write. But, they have the full zeal to communicate with the people around them at least for meeting their basic needs.
So, we have designed a talking box, which has eight push ...

Adhesive bandages are available in standard sizes only and therefore may not be suited for different wound sizes. In Tape type Band Aid we can cut the Band Aid to required length. The adhesive is along either side of the tape and the center portion consists of the chemical solutions. It is similar to normal adhesive tape with center portion conssting of chemical solutions.
Major drawback is that it is not waterproof since ends are open. It advantages include:
1. Required size can be obtained therefore useful for different wound size.
2. It can be rolled around fingers for finger injuries.
3. It can also be used for sealing itching area instead of cream so that clothes are not in ...

Patented microbead thermal Ice Point, 1 Bar Pressure sensor to reflect the thermal-mechanical volumetric change in a gas, fluid and applied force mV change.

A Tc bead +Temp = +Tvolume INcrease volume & +Temf OUTPUT
A Tc bead +Press = -Pvolume DEcease volume & +Pemf OUTPUT

The actual "0" meter output has a site 1 bar variance if the microbead Tc is exposed to Gas, Liquid or PRESS upon with a FORCE and SUMS the surrounding microbead ...

Electrical and Thermal Characteristic of Biological Tissue Modeling (ETCBM™)

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a nonsurgical medical procedure used for treatment of cardiac disorders such as arrhythmia or destruction of cancerous tumors in lung, kidney, breast, liver or any other dysfunctional tissue diseases. RFA is also used for treatment of varicose veins, severe chronic pain (such as lower back) as well as many others medical uses. Theoretical modeling of biological tissue using computer simulation tools can be very helpful in providing vital information on the electrical and thermal characteristics of the tissue in order to determine a proper treatment for individual patients. The Electrical and Thermal Characteristic of Biological Tissue Modeling (ETCBM) program provides a visual three-dimensional (3-D) and ...

The Tooth-Mover is not intended to replace braces. It is only intended to give slight adjustments to the visible teeth. It is built into a modified silicone mouth guard. When worn, the user chews on the mouthguard. This motion pivots a pair of steel arcs that move a pushrod to apply gentle pressure on the forward teeth. Over time, this chewing motion should correct slight irregularites in tooth position. The pushrod is secured with a ball joint, so the position of the pushrod would be easily steered by the user's tongue. The pushrod should be made from a hard rubber to limit the amount of pressure able to be applied. The carriage and the chew pads are an ...

Short description of the invention:

This is a device that is strapped to the arm of a patient waiting in the clinic’s waiting room. This device will send Heart Rate; Ambulatory Blood Pressure; Blood Analyzer and Glucose data through a Blue Tooth (Class 2 having the 10 to 30 meter range) communication system or a localized data transmission system. The data is then transferred to a computer in the general waiting room, and then is sent to the patient’s specific waiting room computer or Dr.’s portable computer. With this the doctor can quickly look over the waiting room data for faster patient analysis.

Describe the utility of the invention and describe the advantages of this invention over the current ...

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