Sleep disorders affect about 40 million Americans every year. This problem results in more than 38,000 deaths and costs $30 to $35 billion annually to the health care system. To address this problem, a Contactless Sleep Disorder Monitor (COSDIM) based on Doppler radar and electro-acoustic sensor technology is proposed. The COSDIM consists of a noncontact microwave Doppler sensor (MDS), an electro-acoustic sensor, compact electronics, and data processing algorithm to determine sleep apnea. The COSDIM can realize noncontact detection of heartbeat rate, respiration rate, body movement, and respiratory airflow of a subject. The data can be continuously stored in a removable secure digital (SD) memory card for further analysis of sleep apnea. The innovations in the COSDIM include design of ...

Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in Europe, Baltic states, Russia, North and South America , Australia and New Zealand. Over 4,59,000 Americans die of coronary artery disease every year making it the number 1 cause of death in US .In the UK 1,01,000 deaths annually are due to coronary artery disease. So its important to detect the coronary artery disease at the right time.
3.RFID tag
4.RFID reader.
Coronary arteries should be be monitored continuously
in our day to day life.Today no such device(setup) exists in the market.I propose to build a device able to monitor and detect the coronary artery disease.

The normal electrical conduction of the ...

When upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding occurs, an endoscope is passed through the patient’s esophagus and into the GI tract for a visual assessment of the bleeding location. A major problem in endoscopic management of upper GI bleeding is difficulty identifying the bleeding source because it is often obscured by overlying blood and clots. Traditional efforts of removing blood clots are via lavage (i.e. using large bore gastric tubes or suction through large channel therapeutic endoscopes). These methods often fail to dislodge blood clots that are adherent to the base of the bleeding site. Another method is to remove clots mechanically with a snare. Physicians are generally reluctant to use this latter technique because of the risk of induced bleeding. ...

high speed dental handpieces are difficult to clean. In the process of drilling noise or vibration is produced. Another problem is bacteria enters the head of the handpiece so diseases (like viral hepatitis or AIDS) may be transmitted to other dental patients. The above described
problems are solved and a technical advance is achieved by the present
disposable dental hand piece. A disposable dental handpiece, including a first handle portion; a second handle portion; a vibration dampening portion, the vibration dampening portion
located interposed between the first handle portion and the second handle ...

An injection with pre loaded medicaments . Doctors can just use this directly by just opening the cap, injecting, and then discarding to the dust bin. In drawing medicines from glass vials, the doctor has to break the glass, which in turn results in microscopic glass powder getting mixed up with the medicaments in the vial, which in turn enters the blood if injected.

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Introduction: Mobile technology, including everything from inventive applications for smart phones to simple text messaging, is increasingly ubiquitous in the world and holds great potential for impact in areas such as health. The potential of the mobile phone to transform healthcare in the world has been sparking enthusiasm.

Problems we solve: Improve collaboration and communication between healthcare workers and patients, improve tools for diseases and Epidemic outbreak Tracking, improve response time in the health field, improve patient monitoring and improve health sector productivity and flexibility

Solution:DoctorLink will be a secured mobile application that allows great collaboration and communication between doctors and patients with high resolution video, receiving X-ray images, providing a personal patient profile with sms reminders, capturing and transfering patient ...

* Here is a product that improves the efficiency and quality of healthcare.

* The novel low volume fluidic interconnect that can be broken and reattached many times without any drips or residual fluid on either side of the interconnect in chemical environments is the "Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector".

* The novel Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector is resistant to specific chemistries, and is mass-producible using standard industrial processes like injection moulding and insert moulding.

* The novel Unisex Magnetic Fluidic Connector comprises a conduit for channelling a fluid under pressure, a shaft for stopping flow of the fluid, and an internal wall for biasing the shaft by magnetic repulsion force. ...

This innovative system combines the diagnostic tools of Eastern and Western medicine. By monitoring and examining the blood pressure and pulse in both arms concurrently, I believe a multitude of hidden symptoms of many debilitating ailments can be found.

Eastern medicine has long believed in the reading of the pulse in both wrists ( commonly known as reading the flow of the 12 meridians ) to diagnose injury and ailment which might not even be felt by the patient at the time.

Western medicine has long known the valuable information derived from reading a person's pulse and blood pressure. The physician employs this data much the same as his Eastern counterpart as an invaluable first step to diagnose the ...

Many engineers and designers have developed different kinds of devices to help visually impaired individuals. However they all hadn't had success in a single yet essential point.

In order to make blind people understand all information around them, first you need to find a way to fast communicate with them. All kinds of solutions have been proposed: sound warning, vibrations and even different textures on the object's surface, which can be very useful in a low noise and motion environment. But why haven't anyone considered the possibility of a blind person walking on a big avenue, full of other people, cars, horns and engine sounds? How could you feel the vibration of an object, its texture or hear its ...

Endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation are lifesaving interventions for accident victims who are unable to breathe for themselves. Medics currently have few methods for mechanically ventilating patients, and rely instead on manual bag-valve ventilation. Extensive pre-hospital studies data has shown that errors in ventilation (too much or too little) are common when the manual bag-valve method is performed. The same studies have shown that such errors are associated with increased mortality in patients with traumatic brain injury, since these patients are exquisitely sensitive to the effects of carbon dioxide on brain blood flow, and to inadequate oxygen levels. Data confirm that such errors are common in patients arriving to a Hospital.
The need for light, comfortable, easy ...

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