Diabetes one of the leading causes of mortality and morbidity, takes an enormous toll both on the individual and society. Unfortunately, the current method for blood glucose measurement requires an invasive test. Over the long-term,

This is a computer controlled diagnostic (DX) algorithm interfaced with an embedded flat coil producing a magnetic field of 45 micro-Tesla. The DX phase consists of use of the algorithm to characterize the human body-field via the flat coil placed within the body-field of the patient.

Challenge:The following two statements reflect the drug therapy dilemma and current predicament regarding a large population of NOP (No Option Patients), who are either advised to stop any drug regimen or avoid treatment for the issues of high cholesterol and platelet aggregation due to drug induced hepatopathy,

No one makes this product so I retrofitted a bought product to do the job. It works and my wife on oxygen for 3 years asked me to make this for her. It is a do it yourself project, unless someone wants to make it!

Mechanically Actuatable Wound Patch (MATCH) for large wound treatment

MATCH (mechanically actuated wound patch) is a device which stimulates healing and enhances the closure of large open wounds by applying cyclic mechanical stimulation.

The Mini Infuser™ is a miniature, disposable, programmable drug delivery device designed to significantly lower the cost of patient care while improving a patients lifestyle with increased pharmacological safety, patient mobility and fewer needle sticks.

A system was devised to aid in the inspection of Micro Electrode assemblies utilized in clinical lab instruments to conduct impedance measurements on living cells in a 384 bottomless well casing with the said electrode layer bonded to the housing creating the closed cell real time data acquisition instrument

Currently, more than 100 million people suffer from neurodegenerative diseases worldwide (e.g., 30 millions from macular degeneration of the retina, 25 millions from Alzheimer, 6.5 millions from Parkinson), and the global population ageing will be accompanied by an increase of patients. Among treatments for the rehabilitation of neural functions,

Our client is an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patient. Our client was diagnosed with this disease five years ago. It began from the fourth finger of her left hand and eventually started spreading to other parts. The muscle movement of such patients deteriorates continuously affecting the entire body. Hence,


There are over 140,000 people living with upper limb loss in the United States today and 1 in 12 new amputations are of the upper limb. In a study examining the employment history of 1630 upper extremity amputees,

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